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The case I got


The title card.

One time I saw a video Called Deathbob.MP4

I clicked it then it sent me to the video. Then in the intro it was all normal except there was a deep voice in the singing. when i got to the title card and then there was a part of sponge bob when I got to the end of the beginning credits...


  • The sky was on fire,
  • Only one cloud,
  • SpongeBob was on a killing spree,
  • Gary was dead,
  • and Self proclaim is spongekill.MP4.

It even paused it so I can notice.

When I was done mentioning that list it resumed and when I saw Squid ward for the first time in the episode, it looked like the Red Mist.

  1. Sandy drowned,

And then a static transition Only being hearing White noise and a muffled "You can't run or hide from me!" then killing Fred.

And he said in a disored voice "It's coming"

So, I inserted it in the Xbox one. and installed only for one second.



The anti-piracy screen.

I played the game, and it seemed pretty normal at first, but then got Strange, very strange. And when I pressed play, there was a whole robot ripping limbs off of plankton. and then it was SpongeBob doing his walking animation then suddenly freezing, then has a warning on the screen, saying

"Piracy is a serious crime and leads up to ten years of prison, SHUT THE GAME OFF NOW!" So, I did what it said and shut it off (I wouldn't want to go in jail.) Then I cou'd not stop hearing c

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~~ draft ver :)~~[]

this is the draft version

Poorly written with grammar mistakes.[]

First, your grammar is in need of big improvement. It would be very hard to fix this. Secondly, the art was badly drawn and was rushed. Speaking of rushed, the story itself was rushed too. Who was Fred? Where did you get the disc? Also, the plot in concept seems unoriginal and in no way scary.

I hate to be the guy who leaves a bad review, but I have to give a 0.5/10. Before posting, it could use some very serious improvement. -IsleUnknown

~~who is fred?~~[]

Just a question you know about Incidental 1 (Fred)?


I made those images A LONG TIME AGO besides the anti-piracy screen that was new

William See (talk) 03:30, 25 July 2022 (UTC)[]

Folks, PLEASE remember to sign your username with the four tilde marks so people know who they are replying to. Thank you.

The Poolrooms confirmed!!!1!!1 (talk) 16:00, 8 August 2022 (UTC)[]

Hey, fellow author!

Pretty sure Spongebob is blacklisted because of the sheer number of existing Spongebob creepypastas...

I hope you continue writing though! Good luck!