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Deathbed Poem[]

I love you dearly, I hold you nearly, Our children great, even through moments of hate, I hope you still see clearly.

I must go, And to all I know, I will be going well. I love you, dear, And though death is near, You still love me too.

Through near and far, through thick and thin, It's in your heart, You still love me within. Rather I be in a cell, or in our home, your heart is still a well.

I didn't believe what you did, and yet you didn't put me aside. We didn't go to the same church, and yet we can still confide. I see you were right. I can see the light. I am not going to it.

I am not well. Take off the veil. I am taking you with me. You do not deserve, To foolishly serve, the mortal lords of money. Oh dear, perhaps hell will be more well if I have my honey.

Written in stone I see all your sins, and I am filled with hate. Hand in hand, Happy or not, I shall drag you through the gate.

I want you to suffer. I need you to burn. I want you to yearn for the days when you were little.


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