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Delta the killer

it was when i was in 7th hey delta you gonna pick that up mike said nop delta said.what mike said dont mind him hes just being a bitch tom said fuck you delta said


if your not going to do any thing then go you emo freak tom said.So delta went walking a round the the school wishing kill kill slendy please help me delta said what tom said nothing i just sleny help me delta said that scares me tom we walked in school hey delta your gay tom said no im not delta said yes the hole class said and you have no friends tom said i whated to cry.thats why your dad is dead mike said and hes scp 666 hes crazy as fuck too tom said hahahaha the class said i was time to go home that stuff they said messed with my mind i walked in the house hahaha im not crazy!I went to the ally and sat done hey kid come leave now no hahaha whats so funny nothing your just gonna take a nap delta stab him and licked the blood of the knife slit a smile in his mouth then the cops came over hey kid are okay lets be friends delta stab the cop then there 12 of them lets play delta ran and slutered them and hing in a frozen bunker.mike do ever wonder if delta is in the closet tom said i dont know lets find out they opened the closet know one is there tom said not there funny hahaha what the hell mike said delta stab them both and hinged them in there back youred and said sweet ran to the woods then he saw slenderman slendy gave him a pat on the back then delta blinked and slenderman was gone delta keep walking then he saw a girl ran a her she pulled out a knife he got on top of her then both of there knifes were at there chins hahaha i like you cherry pau said me to delta said they both droped there knifes delta got off of her.sorry cherry said for what delta said this cherry kiss him then hows that jeff said cherry said my boy friend.Then delta tryed im out delta said were are you going to kill il be back delta said then delta hacket the internet and made a monster to scare was chasing a teen boy delta killed him and put on his bed and covered hime up sweet dreams hahaha then at night delta made a deal with the devil the blood cult all i have to do is get blood delta i walked in some bodys window and killed him his sleep delta drunk the blood yes i can feel the energy going in my vanes hahahaha i love witch craft then delta went in his old friends basement and stolched him then kill and the blood said im not crazy lets play again some time

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Awkward wording, bad grammar and punctuation, and improper capitalization. So hard to understand, needs a ton of redoing, polishing, and explanation.

Don't click here. There is nothing to see. 08:16, 4 December 2020 (UTC)