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Delta the killer and kevin the clown[]

this was when i was 3 years old.mommy delta said hey deer mom said mommy can we go to the park please delta said yes mom said ya mom said just let me get dress mom said.ahahah mom screemed- mommy were are you delta said mommy mommy wake up delta said daddy daddy delta said mommy wont wake up daddy were are you delta said hey little boy ill be your now mommy the damonice mom said okay delta said.This is your sister her name is icy icy say hey to delta damonice mom said um mommy hows out side im coming damonice mom said open the door the scp cops said mommy dont let them take me away delta said your mom is gone the scp said.were am i delta said welcome to scp you will live here your name is scp 666 the scp cop said now come sire the cop said what! the scp cop said why are we doing this hes only 3 yours old the cop said i dont know the scp cop said now weres delta the scp cop said.Im right delta said here good boy now follow me scp said okay delta said now were just going to give you a shot scp cop said.AHAHAH delta.ITs now 13 years now.HAHAHAHA the pain its the best the sound of blood delta said we need back back up he has killed 123 cops the scp cop said dont let him get out the scp cop said ha delta said sire the cop said what! the scp cop said scp 666 is gone the scp cop said.hey brother delta said what did you do kevin said all i did was slit a smile in my mouth and now i know black magic and witch craft and you can help me delta said no no no go! kevin said.okay just think about it i hop you can help me im very sorry come to the woods at 12:00am and meet me delta said.if i do i wont get beat up kevin said.haha kevin said.the woods are so nice hows that? sweet dreams! what she has a knife to dam it hahaha i have pind now should i kill delta said you try cherry pau said dont test me delta said im not cherry said but i think i like you cherry said oh really delta said no joking cherry said why did you drop your knife cherry said cous i like you too. ==Delta the killer and kevin the clown== <dthe end

So want to go out cherry said sure delta said but you need to meet the others fine but then i have go.Okay lets go cherry said.Hi im jeff uh im delta this is slender man hey and this is bob hey and this is theres alot of them like 10000 of them now i have go ill be back.12:00am hellow brother hey delta hahaha like my new looks now im kevin the clown lalalala time to go little boy were i clcpsibl kevineto the spitit mw-collapsed" data-expandtext="Open draft" data-collapsetext="Close draft">

hi little boy my name is kevin the clown want to play a game yes please lets go a play world you will a lot of friends its called the spirit world its a lot of fun.All you have do is walk in can you me help me the girl said yes i can follow me delta said okay the girl said in here its freazing in here the girl said hahahaha delta said ahahaha help sweet dreams want to her a joke be for you die stab stab what i stabed you ops now im going to haing you this were put all dead bodys and haing them some times i eat them oh what your dead hahahaha.its dark the 2 year old said yes you hungery kevin said hahaha im going to eat ah the sweet smell of blood lets play again some time.Hey kevin what come follow me this is slendy and me and jeff are like bros and im dating cherry pau delta said cool but i dont care kevin said.Kevin dont be stupid delta said what! kevin said im not the crazy one kevin said IM NOT CRAZY! know what in out delta said you dont even like to look in mirir you think your ugly kevin said fuck you delta said hey delta.its me damonic mom said dont talk you killed my mom fuck of i did becouse i love you and i hate you and your just a ghost delta said i wish i can kill you delta said im going.Its 3:00am kevin give me the devils book we got blood for the blood cult did you kill him of curs now it says you must drink itme first dont hog it fine here thank you so.YES i can fell it cursing in my veans hey delta why are so bloody im just happy.LETs go kill tom hey left me to die in fire im not going kevin said hahahaha fine delta said la lala lalalalalala hows that its my delta lets play ahahaha shshshs stab stab look i brong a rop to haing you and set you an fire now be a good boy look i got nedil sleepy yet sweet dreams yes sufer and bron.HAHAHAHA IM COMING

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Your story has widespread instances of awkward wording, capitalization (not capitalizing proper nouns or the start of sentences), punctuation (punctuation missing from sentences and quotations missing from dialogue), typos/spelling errors, frequent run-on sentences and plot issues (mainly concerned the story's over-reliance on tropes, weak descriptions, and pacing issues).

If your story were posted in its current form, it would be deleted for failing to meet our bare minimum quality standards. I'm going to suggest you look over that link and this one for more details. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 08:10, 2 December 2020 (UTC)