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Dont let scp 666 get a way the scp cop said Hahahaha lets play you will die delta said were did he go the scp cop said ringa a round a rosey ashis ashis we all fall done hahahaha delta said mam done man done do like the darkness delta said.Come and play

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lets play

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Delta the killer remix lets play again today[]

you know mom i remember how it all started it right after were moving in the new house how old was i 3 4 i was so young do you remember how i use to run to room to room you alway smiled when i did that we were so happy all of us the house was so big much bigger then the old house this one had two floors the main room was the living room and three bed rooms my room dads and yours do remember when i used to tell about demons all the time im sorry mom i will all ways remember you please dont go tell dad i said i love him delta said.I remember being scared as a little kid the screems were like wind shins stock in a window at first i was thinking i was the blizired but weling a child is all i can here i was so scared to go to the window to see what was going on but then i looked done and there was nothing there but was a trail of foot prints that were child size on the walk way leading up to are front parch the crying keep going on but there was a sound of pounding on my front door i never opened the door couse mom said delta dont opened the ever and no one ever helps me ever but i wasnt so cooled hearted back then it was hared to live with demons bord do want to play with me delta said ahahaha the girl said shshshshs delta said dont be bad delta said hahahaha i wish you stad home but now your gonna die kids should not rome this world alone but they cant stay in there nest for ever.So will you play with me delta said it only slashes and im going to eat your organs and drain your blood hahaha see so much fun. and your going play!im still brod i know im going to the hospital hey sunny lets play hahaha sweet dreams im going to need your name tag.hello ill be your docter today doc what we will help you no go i got this close the door so lets get started hahahahaha sweet dreams delta said lets play death help help the guy said

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= nurse he killed his self but i hope i can work here for a long time.hey kid want to play hide and seek hahahaha uh at 4:23am yes you run and hide before i kill you its fun and your gonna play no your crazy get away form me ahahah the boy said hahaha delta said oh your hiding i see lets play were are you i just want to play delta said that dude is crazy im calling nine one one uh i here a phone oh getting the cops to play freez.All i wanted is to play thats fine couse you will die la la la la la al ringa a round a roses ahis ahis we all bron done sweet dream delta said uh move move ahahahaha hahahahaha sorry i had to bron done every thing its a game that was fun lets play some time but i have to.I was think cherry pau and vailly both like me but i like them to but i dont know witch one to pick delta said uh cool a mask it has x for eyes and a smile well this is mines hey want to see a cool place ya! okay come with me.its just over her so were do you live elmore street 508 nice here it is delta said were the kid said done there its a bunker follow me done there delta said its freezing in here the kid said hey mister what are those there the kid said hahahahahaha there dead kids and mom and dads and cops and my friends delta said.I want to go home the kid said no! dont cheer up im a friend hey wonna play a game then ill take you home yes please okay delta said so you just sand on the stand under that rope delta said okay the kid said now put your head in that hole in the rope delta said okay the kid said now im going to pole the rope done stand still delta said this going to be fun the kid said ahahahaha the kid screemed sweet dreams.dont werey im going to see your dad and mom im nock nock delta said im coming the kids mom said how are sweet dreams delta slash here neck what the fuck did you do the kid dad said shshshs shes sleeping you to hahaha tomy dont werey i put him to sleep to now be a good boy ahaha did just try to punch me ops sweet dreams.look at them i was never invited to any thing i all was the last to jun a club the last to be cared for the last to be notice thats me at first i juned this club hoping wont shut down or maby even a place were i can make some friends it was something i hoped it was too well at least in the first part ever one in this small group was invited but not me.And i love a girl i none since a was a little kid but then she crushed my heart i act cool about it i wanted to cry but i cant its so hared to live in this world when your called a damnice freak or emo freak and being called gay and getting beat up and being called weak every day.and as a kid until he came selnder mam help me ==Leave Feedback== molested for month he in jail now but i was going to kill my self Close the space between the four tildes in the box and hit the "Leave Feedback" button to begin your comment.

Same mistakes as before[]

Your story has widespread instances of awkward wording, capitalization (not capitalizing proper nouns or the start of sentences), punctuation (punctuation missing from sentences and quotations missing from dialogue), typos/spelling errors, frequent run-on sentences and plot issues (mainly concerned the story's over-reliance on tropes, weak descriptions, and pacing issues).

If your story were posted in its current form, it would be deleted for failing to meet our bare minimum quality standards. I'm going to suggest you look over that link and this one for more details. EmpyrealInvective (talk) 18:26, 2 December 2020 (UTC)

To Be Honest[]

Awkward wording, bad punctuation and grammar. This needs more work, and polishing.

Don't click here. There is nothing to see. 02:38, 3 December 2020 (UTC)