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Disaster Doll[]

It was my 12th Birthday, and my mother had gotten me an…unexpected gift. It was a small yellow stuffed monster with button eyes and a large toothy grin.

Disaster Doll

“Mom!” I said, “Aren’t I too old for this?”

“Oh, come on. You’ll be great friends!”

Unsure what she meant by that, I walked upstairs to my room, threw the plush onto my bed, and turned on my Gamecube to play Wind Waker.

A little while later I heard my mom call my name. I came down and she told me to get ready to head to the Pizza Parlor for the party. As I got ready, I considered bringing the doll, but decided not.

At the party, we ate pizza and I got some new Gamecube games, but nothing too crazy.

That is, until we got to the last present. As I was opening it, I heard what sounded like whispering coming from all around me. I looked around. Nothing seemed different except…were the lights darker? And why did I feel like everyone was staring at me?

Nonetheless, I opened the present, and was both shocked and disappointed when I saw that same yellow doll with button eyes and a toothy grin.

“Mom…why did you give me 2 of these?”

No response.

I turned around and realized everyone was gone. I was alone.

I ran out of the building and was relieved when I saw my mom’s familiar battered red SUV. I ran towards it, got in, and we drove home.

I entered my bedroom and saw the doll again, this time propped up next to a ouija board. I figured this was some kind of game or prank that my mom or one of my friends had set up, so I decided to play along. I grabbed the planchette and thought of a question.

“Is there a ghost in here?”


“Are you friendly?”


“Is this a joke?”


Suddenly, I heard a loud BEEP from the smoke detectors. I ran downstairs and saw that the oven had burst into flames. Was this a ghost?

Was it…the doll?

I ran outside where everyone was waiting. A few moments later, the Fire Department came. Luckily the flames hadn’t spread too much, so not much damage was done, apart from the fact that we needed a new oven. When the firemen left, we went back inside. Then, I realized it was late, so I said goodnight to my mom and went upstairs to sleep.

Later, in the middle of the night, I was awoken to a strange scratching noise. I looked up and saw that my window was open. I shut my eyes harder, but then I got this feeling I wasn’t alone. I opened my eyes again and saw a looming shadow with white buttons for eyes.

And then, I woke up.

"Guess I must have fallen asleep while playing."

Then, I saw it.

The doll, propped against the Gamecube.

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