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Dollface once was a young woman named Eloise with her whole life ahead of her. She was planning to finally confess to a co-worker that worked at a local diner as a busboy after her shift. However, that life of hers was swiftly taken away when a serial killer had murdered her with a pair of scissors. He had stuffed her body into a life-sized doll that he had made specifically for her. Even the doll's features was close to hers.

He had then buried the doll in his backyard along with multiple other dolls that he had made. Although, the most recent doll that he had buried or as he called her; "Dollface" had woken up and dug her way out of her dirt grave. Even if her eyes were buttons, she was able to see out of them like normal human eyes. Her movements were erratic and crazed. She had looked down at her body, realizing it wasn't hers, but in fact a doll's.

She didn't have the strength to speak, just drag her legs towards the back door of her killer. Her memories were faded, but still there. Her arm extended to open the door, opening it quietly before noticing the scissors that were used to kill her. She grabbed them and looked around for him. She could tell he was still home, but she just couldn't figure out where. Her vision grew blurry as she stumbled down the hall and towards his room.

His door was open, his back turned while he worked on another doll for a future victim, one that seemed like a child. Dollfaces' vision grew red and even more blurry, feeling anger towards her killer. For what he had did to her, and all of his other victims. She stabbed him in the back with the scissors over and over, making him fall off of his chair, and try to fight back. Eventually, she had stabbed him enough to render him unable to move, but still alive. She had felt satisfied enough, but she figured that he should have a taste of his own medicine.

Dollface had laid him onto his back before carving his eyes out with said scissors, although he screamed and wept out of pain, no one was able to hear him. Eventually after she had carved both of his eyes out, she threw them in a garbage can and sewed buttons onto his sockets. Before she had left the house, she plunged the scissors into his back again, leaving to try and find somewhere else to live. She was considered a murderer, but at least there wasn't a way for anyone to catch her. Especially if it came to fingerprints.

Concept art for eloise and dollface

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