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Don't Illegally Download Indie Music (Draft, Unreviewed)[]

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Simping over him got me all kinds of fucked up. So, about a week ago, my buddy got me a homemade horror mix CD. He said he’d gotten it from a guy he gets other CD’s from; “He’s super trustworthy!” he said. Yeah, as trustworthy as my dog with pizza. He told me it’s got all CORPSE’s songs on it.

Okay, that’s fucked up; he’s an indie creator, but too late now and I’m a simp. I took the CD. At home, I listened to it with my old laptop. It started out with “E-Girls Are Ruining My Life”. Then it went to various fucked up Vocaloid songs like “Beheading Dance Performance”.

As it kept going, it got glitchy and the vocals got deeper, like CORPSE was growling them all. I showed it to my buddy, but it played perfectly! Did I imagine it? When I played it alone again, the same damn thing happened! I started recording on my phone and unplugged the headphones, but the music played perfectly again. I plugged and unplugged my headphones a few times. “Great,” I thought, “Time for new headphones.” So, I went to a music store and got new ones. I had to walk there, and had a creepy feeling the whole way; like someone was watching me, or following me. I bought them and left. That creepy feeling didn’t go away on the way home, or in my home. “Just all the dark songs I’ve been listening to,” I thought.

So, I plugged in the new headphones, and the same fucking thing happened! It started out normal, then got deeper, but was normal without headphones! I was so done. I downloaded the CD to my laptop and transferred it to my phone. When I hit play, there was nothing. I unplugged my headphones; silence. I check my audio; normal. I plug them back in; I will never forget the jumpscare I got. I dropped my phone but my headphones stayed on. CORPSE’s voice screamed into a glitchy mess, echoing over itself; it sounded like he was dying! Through the screaming I made out “I’ll kill you!” and “No face reveal!” I felt frozen; I couldn’t make my body move. I heard him start to laugh amidst the screaming; “I’m coming for you!” I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped out of my chair. There was no one there. The screaming stopped and the music started playing as normal. I went to unplug my headphones, but they were already. I threw them off and looked for my phone; it was under the desk, turned off. With shaking hands, I turned it back on. My dog started barking; not his normal bark, he was scared. I double checked my locks; all locked. I looked outside, making sure to stay out of sight; no one. A husky breath ghosted the back of my neck.

I woke up to my dog licking my face and my neck hurting. I checked in the mirror; there were dark purple hand prints, as if choking me. On the back, the skin was cold and pale; as if I had an ice pack on there too long. I decided, “Fuck this,” and tried to delete the playlist. Every time I tried, it would crash my phone and let out that god awful glitchy scream. After the third time, I heard, “Don’t you fucking leave me!” I put my phone in the bottom of my desk drawer. The playlist wouldn’t leave me alone, even in my dreams! Er- nightmares, more like. Every night I would hear CORPSE growl the songs and scream, “Don’t you fucking leave me!” or, “I’ll kill you!” or, “I’m coming for you!” I wasn’t getting any sleep; and it always felt like someone, something, was watching me.

Yesterday, I finally got my phone out from the drawer; it was fully charged and on. I tried to turn it off again. Across my screen, it said “Release from prison? Yes No”. I picked no. It flashed “Wrong answer” in glitchy text and showed “Release from prison? Yes No”. I picked yes. “Perfect! Releasing…” That fucking scream. To be honest, I don’t remember if it was CORPSE screaming or me. I woke up on the floor earlier today. I can’t find my dog anywhere and I’m still feeling eyes on me as I make this post. I’ll keep you guys posted on whatever the fuck is happening.

#CORPSE #Corpse_Husband #haunted CD??? #tw nightmare mention #is it a ghost? Idfk… #I hope my dog’s just hiding #real ghost stories #I guess???

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----Kazimir that Bitch Thank you for reading, it's my first post here and I thought I'd share a story idea I had! This is the first draft, so please help me make it better!

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