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I was working overtime, and my boss told me to head into the meeting room for a little chat. I said I would be there three minutes flat. I located the meeting room. I entered the room. You won't BELEIVE what was in there. There was... absolutely nobody. The boss wasn't there. I called him at my cubicle.

"So, why weren't you at there?"

"I was, you never arrived."

I said that I would be there. I went and entered the meeting room. Or so I thought it was. This was a confidential room that only the boss could enter. I entered, and there was a coworker. He was standing in a pool of the worst possible substance in this scenario. BLOOD. EVERYWHERE. Coating the walls, floors, ceiling, you get the grill. The source of the blood was right behind him. Bodies were everywhere. He said,

"Well. This is awkward. You... you were never supposed to see this. Thanks to the boss, I guess it's the end."

He lunged at me, brutally killing me. I woke up, panicking. The same guy was looking at me above my cubicle walls.

"Hey. Why are you sleeping?"

"Huh? I must've been dreaming."

"Dreaming? What dream was it?"

I told him everything. He looked completely unfazed about it. He responded,

"Ah. Well, I'm off to work."

HOWEVER. When he lifted his hands up... there was something horrid behind them.



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