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11-27-2021 23:32

Disappearance: woman, 15 years old

Last seen: 4th at 23:00

Case closed unsolved for 19 years with no leads.


Iris García, a 15-year-old girl, had to return to the psychologist for strange behaviors after the previous day, colleagues, siblings and parents affirmed that she spoke alone when she was in a state of disconnection, the psychologist affirmed that the patient was not aware of the words he was saying or who he was talking about. She only affirmed and talked about her dreams, which she asked for help, since she did not want to have that kind of dreams again, so the psychologist understood that the patient was having severe macabre nightmares with which she was having a hard time, for which He prescribed the family some pills to sleep peacefully.


The patient returns with fury and sobs, affirms that it is worse, that she will never take them again, affirms that she has seen rapid images throughout the dream that she did not understand but they overwhelmed her. She begins to have appetite problems, rather she did not eat, and seems to have aggressive behaviors that friends and family say are not common in her.


The relatives are worried, the patient begins to have a low temperature for the average, and the heartbeat is really slow, they have decided to take her to the hospital, so when checking, they affirm that she has something but they do not recognize it, it is given as " unknown disease ", the patient begins to have decays, hallucinations and looks very bad; watery eyes most of the time, blank stares, dark circles and bags, and the skin is turning whiter and whiter and shortness of breath allows you to speak clearly.

At night, many nurses have to go to her throughout the hospital, the nightmares have turned into night terrors.


The patient has mysterious injuries, they claim that she has never left the room, she is getting worse as the days go by, apart from the above symptoms she has nausea, a lot of nausea, constant dizziness, and now she talks to nothing at all hours, Family members and nurses do not recognize what she says due to the low volume she speaks, although some say that it is not even our dialect and that the patient speaks in another language.


The patient is much worse, she is calmer even though she continues to look bad, although she no longer has night terrors, but she has common features of amnesia, she no longer recognizes her family, friends or herself, she He believes that he has died but despite believing that he is still calm, the only thing that is altered is at bedtime, he does not want to so the doctors give him a sleeping pill and put his favorite Beethoven sonata also known as "Für Elise", the patient while falling asleep always asks questions such as who was that woman who is unknown.


The patient has high improvements, she is no longer afraid of sleep and many of her symptoms have disappeared, she still cannot recognize anyone and is now thinking that she is an undead or a ghost, tomorrow she will be discharged and they will let her improve in home to see if he recovers the necessary memories.


The patient has returned home, she still does not remember anyone, she stays in bed all the time and feeds better than before, she is no longer afraid of dreams, in fact she enjoys remembering them but the patient now does not want to tell us , affirm that she is still speaking alone but less than before.


Today the family is very hopeful, we see clear improvements in the patient, she remains happy and begins to remember the fauna and flora, we are all happier for her, we think that soon she will be able to return to how she was before and return to a normal life .

She eats the way she should be and no longer talks to herself, she says that she no longer dreams because she lives in a real dream, she remains happy and constant.


Today has been a great day, the patient begins to remember all her loved ones, along with all her memories, it was decided that soon she would be taken back to the institute, since she is remembering absolutely everything, it has not been easy, but we know that the patient will go back to how she was before, she continues to have constant joy and is kind to everyone and everything, now she likes to take more air and go to the fields.

Today at 11:32 p.m. on the same day a relative went to give her her sleeping pill, she was lying on her bed with a smile looking at the ceiling, it is not yet known why, according to the relative, that smile was "sadistic" and without feeling, so fear paralyzed him and he did not dare to enter the room.


It is not known where the patient is, she has been searching all over the house, all over the town, we have even tried all over the city, nobody or the cameras in some places have captured anything from the patient, no noise has been detected by At night, nothing was detected, only a small note that was under the patient's pillow which said "I always liked the number 8".

Without leaving any more trace, it was seen that from the footprint if she wrote it and there are no indications of kidnapping or of another person, it is not known what happened to the patient.


The United States claims to see the former patient walking in a Canadian forest dragging what appeared to be a bag.


African-American woman claims to also see the ex-patient walking backwards towards a truck full of garbage bags.


Some 17-year-old Germans have seen a van that they claim was driven by her.


Half of the world's population claims to see the ex-patient or someone similar to her dreamed of.

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