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Ebony was a social girl, everyone adored her. She lived with her parents. Her parents were major perfectionists. They wanted their daughter to be as successful as them. Ebony agreed since she was a well behaved teen.

During her time at school she made friends. They were a group of well behaved students like she. But Ebony didn't know it was far from the truth.

The group would do homework before they stopped, most days Ebony never completed her work so she had to go home afterwards to finish. At most times the group threatened to leave her or just left outright.

Ebony protizes her schoolwork more than friends, but these were the only friends she had, so despite the bad stuff they did, she went along with them. Everyday they would stop doing schoolwork, Ebony stopped turning in her work to class and her grades tanked. Her parents were understandably mad, but that didn’t matter to the teen she wanted to appeal to her friends and not seem like a pushover so she would do whatever they did. It seemed like it was bad enough. Ebony would watch as they would toilet paper peoples houses, put fake vomit on cars… Harmless things…

Then, it started to get more… criminal.

Ebony watched as they would shoplift from the stores, and they would always get away with it. They took turns shoplifting from the store. However, Ebony didn’t want to partake in that. She had morals. Yes, she did participate in the toilet paper vandalism and the pranks this friend group partake in, but she drew the line at theft. The friends were disappointed.

They told her, she would regret it.

And at first she thought nothing of it. Throughout the weeks the group denied her access to the table. They were gossiping about Ebony, she was sure of it. They also tripped her out in the hall. Just tame things. Since her friends were no longer hanging out with her her grades went back up, her parents were happy.  

Finally after the targeted harassment, Ebony was allowed back into the group. They approached her at lunch with a false preposition. They told her she can join them again and she doesn’t have to shoplift. She agreed. Only this was a lie.

The next morning the friend group gathered at Ebony’s house, her parents were out for the night on some vacation. Ebony was trusted enough to stay home by herself. Most parents of high schoolers were wary but due to Ebony’s behavior she was allowed to.

The group did homework as usual when one of them suggested going to the woods. They all agreed and they dropped homework, they walked to the woods just behind the houses. Footsteps were heard. Just muddy footsteps from the group. Ebony was behind them, her hands in her jacket. She didn’t understand why she followed them blindly. But she wasn’t going to question them.

The blonde teen walked behind the group, with her head down, when all of a sudden the footsteps that were heard from the group just… stopped. Ebony looked around the dark woods, not finding the group. Just silence. She didn’t like how creepy this place was. She began to walk around.

“Mary! Anissa! Lori? Anyone?” The girl called out, only to receive silence in return, Ebony didn’t think anything of it. She was just used to them abandoning her.

Perhaps she was just too perfect, too well behaved, no one wants a goody two shoes. The farther Ebony walked the further she was in the woods. She didn’t know where home was. These woods were strange. People often go missing in these woods. Rarely anyone escaped from these woods. There were people who escaped. But most of them were hospitalized shortly after and died.

Ebony heard of that, there was no confirmation that this actually happened other than people who actually believe that. Ebony never believed in stories like that. She continued to walk through the woods.

She stopped when she saw a tree, it had a piece of paper. This was odd, as far as Ebony knew people never claimed they found papers on trees in these retelling of the woods. She took the paper off the tree and shone her phone's light on it, the phone had no service in the woods and therefore she couldn’t call anyone if she needed to, the teen read the words on the paper.

Beware the Slenderman.

Ebony looked at the paper in disbelief. Slenderman wasn’t real, she was told this story by friends in elementary school. Stories of how the slenderman gutted, mutilated and even stole kids. The Slenderman was a legend, he was never real. Yet it didn’t stop some kids in elementary school from making a fuss about the woods for weeks. She crumpled up the paper and sighed. She might as well wait for the day to come.

Ebony never saw daylight.

In fact nobody saw Ebony again. Ebony was missing for a day until her parents called the authorities who asked the group questions. The group didn’t know anything, they said they left.

One thing the investigators took notice of what one of the kids in the group said that sent shivers down the investigators spine to this day, was that Ebony herself, was stalked by a tall, white pale no faced creature.

The investigators searched around the woods looking for Ebony, but found her clothes and a note.

The note had the words.

Friendships aren’t forever, but working for the Slender Man is.

To this day, no one has found Ebony, but sometimes in the woods, you can glimpse a shadow of a female girl next to a tall slender figure before leaving out of view. Whatever happened to Ebony is still a mystery, but one things for sure.

Ebony didn’t escape the forest alive, and what took her is unclear.

(I wrote this story and I hoped you guys liked it, if there's anything I need to change I can do so, keep in mind this is my first creepypasta. So I am rusty at the moment.)

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