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Eyes of the Souls[]

Sona is a tall, gaunt creature with charcoal black skin. But this is not skin at all, just dripping ink. His hair is long and messy, it overhangs his shoulders, his eyes are piercing and yellow, this makes them feel like they're constantly watching, even when they're not.

Sona's human body is covered in scars, some fresh and some old, as if he's been through a lot. His clothing is pristine, even if he is a horrible creature underneath.

His voice is low and raspy, as if he was constantly radiating unease and danger. He seems to be everywhere at once, watching, waiting, and hungry.

Sona's eyes are what really stand out, though. They're empty, with small black irises that seem to swallow light. He seems to take pleasure in the fear and panic that hi eyes elicit, as if he were a predator relishing the moment before he takes strike. But it's not only his eyes he possesses, it's other people's too. He takes them from anyone and everyone, dead or alive. It doesn't matter who you are, if you upset him, you'll be blinded from the eyes he replaces with unbearable pain.

Sona is a twisted and disturbing creature, filled with darkness and an unnameable hunger. He is a creature that should be avoided at all costs, unless you're willing to sacrifice everything you have left to see.

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