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Forest 51[]

(Second draft of story)

It was a cold night, the chills went down Jack’s spine, he was still wide awake even after all his attempts to fall asleep, he just layed in bed, bored and wanting to go home, he really didn’t care much for not having much sleep. Jack already hated being at his uncle’s house, there house had no electricity, no good heating sources to keep the house warm enough and he didn’t like his uncle because his uncle was a grouch. Jack looked around the house in his bed, it wasn’t really a “house”, it was more of a cabin, the cabin is small and made out of wood. There was a big and wide window that would allow the moon to leave a light in the house, this light would allow you to see better in the dark. Jack decided to get up and get a small glass of water to help with my thirtiness. Jack went into the kitchen part of the house and saw a figure standing there, Jack took out his iphone and turned on the light to see who the figure was, Jack shined his flashlight at the figure. No one was there which was strange, Jack than heard loud breathing behind him, someone was behind him, who ever was behind him than grabbed him from behind and turned him around. It was his uncle, his uncle gave him a angry look and suspicious look at Jack “What are you doing up?”. Jack stuttered and had problems to answer, he struggled to answer, Jack wanted to tell Uncle about the figure he saw but assumed it was nothing and just his imagination getting to him, he than finally managed to say “I wanted to get a glass of water.”, his uncle than said “Fine, get your water and get back to bed.” Jack walked away and got himself a glass of water, she cugged it down as soon as he got the cup, he set the glass in the sink and went back into bed, he had blankets covered over him and he easily feel asleep.

A seven year old Jack playing catch with his dad, him and his dad passed the ball back and fourth until Jack threw the ball too far and it landed in the middle of the road. Jack was about to get it but his dad told him he would get the ball, the dad usually wore glasses but he had lost his glasses so his seeing wasn’t that good, the dad went to get the ball, he bent down and picked up the ball, a drunk and distracted driver was very intoxicated and wasn’t in control of myself, Jack’s dad got ran over.

Jack woke up, he was covered in sweat, he took a few deep breath’s and realized it was a dream, his dad died when he was seven, they were playing catch and the dad was ran over by a intoxicated driver, they waited and waited and waited for the dad to wake up but he never did, his brain was damaged severely from being ran over and Jack always blamed himself, Jack always tried not to blame himself but this did no use, he would still feel that way, this wasn’t the first time he has dreamed about it. Jack’s mother had to go to a business meeting in a city a few hours away and she had to leave him with her brother, she personally didn’t really wanna leave Jack with her brother because he was always crunchy and mean but she felt 3 days with her brother wasn’t the worst that could happen. Jack’s mom left Jack with her brother than she left to go to her business meeting. This was Jack’s first night at his uncle’s cabin, his uncle was very strict about wandering off in the forest and warned him not to, his uncle told him that a alien lurked around the forest and to be careful, Jack of course didn’t listen and assumed his uncle was just trying to scare him not to go out to the forest and get lost, his uncle had moved there only a month ago, he told Jack about the strange sounds he heard and warned them about them and said it was probably nothing.

Jack heard a knocking on the door, he at first didn’t want to answer the door and was too lazy but finally had gotten the courage to open the door, but before he did  he than just remembered what his uncle had said earlier and how sometimes strange noises happened at night, Jack still opened the door and he saw nothing out there. Jack than felt someone grab him by his shoulder, his uncle had caught him again. Jack was about to tell him about the strange knockings, whats strange about it is no one lives that close to Jack but before he could he felt something stabbing into him, Jack screamed in pain, someones blood covered hand had gone threw his stomach, it was the alien, the alien began playing with his intestines until Jack had passed out unconscious from the blood loss, the alien than took out his hand and pushed over Jack, Jack hit the floor hard and this created a loud thud noise. The uncle woke up and sighed angry, he than yelled angrily “I have to sleep, shut up!”, the uncle quickly than decided to go to Jack and yell at him in his face and he did, he saw Jack just standing there in the hallway, the uncle than went on yelling but he stopped and realized something was wrong, he got closer and close, when he got close enough he could see Jack smiling creepily, this gave his uncle the creeps, the uncle than asked nervously “Um, the hell you doing?”, the son just giggled than stared at the uncle in his face, he than took his shirt off and left it on the floor, he started tugging at his stomach until he finally ripped into his intestines, he than started taking out piles and piles of his intestines, he than smeared the blood all over his face and he filled his mouth up with intestines and he said “I love the taste of my intestines.” The uncle at this point wanted to just vomit but he just stood there shocked and not believing what he was seeing. Jack was already dead from the amount of blood he lost, this “Jack” was just the alien, the alien has the ability to shapeshift into different forms and that’s what the alien. The alien shapeshifted back into his original form and made a attempt to grab the uncle but that uncle was fast enough to dodge, the uncle ran out threw the back door, he just ran, he had been running for a few minutes and stopped.

The uncle felt something dripping from above him, he looked up and saw a skinned body, there eyes were removed, there stomach was cut open and intestines hung out of there stomach wounds. This caused the uncle to let out a scream, the scream ecoed in the air, the uncle realized he had revealed where he was but before he could make a move the alien snuck up behind him and ripped off his head, the alien kicked his head away like a soccer ball.

The alien just walked away, the alien would go on to continue it’s massacre’s in the forest.

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