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Written by GarrickGSN

The following messages are taken from an employee chatboard I made for some friends and other coworkers at ■■■■■ Incorporated, not professional. For context, I was an employee at ■■■■■ for about 3 years; just working IT. Around march, we were all emailed a PDF file that was supposed to contain information on a transfer that was happening. What I got was some seriously fucked shit. I’m remaining anonymous, those bastards will probably take legal action on me, because this might “damage their rep” or whatever. Without further ado, the chat logs.

3/24/2007 9:14 AM ■■■■■■: Hey, I got the PDF we were supposed to receive… I think. It seems to be titled “formido.pdf”. I opened it and it was completely blank, any of you guys get this? Thanks.

3/24/2007 9:22 AM JNix1983: Are you sure you got the same email as everyone else? I received transfers2407.pdf. Everything seemed pretty normal to me. Mind sending me the file? I can probably send it to the guy who sent out the emails and ask him.

3/24/2007 9:27 AM ■■■■■■: [Replying to JNix1983] Alright, I sent an email your way. It has the file and the email address of the guy who sent it to me.

3/24/2007 9:40 AM JNix1983: [Replying to ■■■■■■] What the actual hell did you just send me? This is awful. No damn way they sent you this, this looks like something out of a horror movie. [IMAGE ATTACHED]

What I saw when I opened the attachment to JNix’s message was awful. I’m unable to access them at the moment, but I’m checking backups and such to try and find the original images. I’ll describe them for you, though: Imagine a black and white picture of a tall, older man and a young, small girl standing in a wheatfield. Both of them looked starved and on the verge of collapsing, the man having his entrails ripped out, going into the little girl's mouth as they both had blank, emotionless expressions on their faces. Although, it’s strange; it was so blurry you couldn’t make out much other than that. Some of my friends say they see a third person in the background, but I’ve never had great vision so I can’ see much anyways.

3/24/2007 9:57 AM JNix1983: Is this a virus? People are starting to email and call me complaining that I sent them this. The only person who should have been sent this is the H.R. people. If this is a virus, you’re seriously in hot water, man.

9/24/2007 10:43 AM ■■■■■■: [Replying to JNix1983] What the actual fuck, man? I did NOT send you that. I checked the PDF again and yeah… it’s there. But that was not there when I sent you it. Can PDFs update on their own? That’s some disturbing shit, is it real?

9/24/2007 11:23 AM ScottieV85: Alright, are you guys both in on this shit? I got the email from Nix, and this stuff is WAYYY worse than the demented shit you guys just attached. Like, “not legally allowed to post it here” worse. I’m gonna tell H.R. about this shit you guys are pulling, this image is seriously fucked up.

9/24/2007 11:32 AM JNix1983: You got something different? Strange; first ■■■■ gets nothing, I get something awful, and you get something worse. Forward the email you got to me with the same pdf and all, I’ll see if I can trace back the email that sent you it.

9/24/2007 12:11 PM

ScottieV85: [Replying to JNix1983] Forwarded, tell me when you get it.

9/24/2007 12:53 PM ScottieV85: [Replying to JNix1983] You there?

9/24/2007 1:23 PM ■■■■■■: Scottie, J called. He said he needed to take a “computer break”. What did you send him?

9/24/2007 1:43 PM ScottieV85: [Replying to ■■■■■■]

I don’t think you’ll want to see the picture, but what I saw when I opened it was what looked like some dude getting his head chopped off. I think there were some dogs barking or something, but of course I clicked off the video quickly. Weird thing is it was like 1080p. Super high quality, no way in hell it could have been faked.

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