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Gone Wilde[]

Another day, another creepy thing I find on the internet. This one is some sort of forum page, relating to the Disney movie Zootopia. It was in a screenshot, but the text was really hard to read, so I'll type it here.

Page title: Zootopia 2! ^_^

Administrator GONEWILDE [4/3/Illegible Year]: Zootopia 2's ending is so wholesome! I won't spoil it but you absolutely HAVE to watch it.

User bruhmoment617 [4/3/Illegible Year]: What're you talking about? The trailer only just got released!

User JudyHoppsCute [4/5/Illegible Year]: i know im late to this but is zootopia 2 out yet?

Administrator GONEWILDE [4/6/Illegible Year]: Whoops! sorry for the late response! I've been rewatching to movie. Yes, it's out. Check Disney+.

User bruhmoment617 [4/6/Illegible Year]: no, it's not...

User JudyHoppsCute [4/17/Illegible Year]: dead chat

(Weird, right? We don't even have a trailer for Zootopia 2 yet. Anyways, on to the next screenshot.)

Page title: Sad News

Forum Owner NOSPEAKINGOFBRUNO [5/12/Illegible Year]: We are sad to say that our most beloved administrator, GONEWILDE, has died. According to his closest friend, he went deep into a forest and was attacked violently by a fox.

User bruhmoment617 [5/12/Illegible Year]: That's terrible!

User JudyHoppsCute [5/12/Illegible Year]: [Post Deleted]

Forum Owner NOSPEAKINGOFBRUNO [5/12/Illegible Year]: [Post Deleted]

User JudyHoppsCute: [Post Deleted]

[Forum Page closed by GONEWILDE. Reason: Too close to the truth.]

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William See (talk) 18:03, 14 May 2022 (UTC)[]

This would most likely fall under blacklist content since its focused on an existing IP. I think the idea of chat logs could work, as its definitely been done before to notable success, however the context scenario should be built up more. Why is the protagonist looking at a screenshot of old chat logs as opposed to the logs themselves? What prompts them to explore? Boredom/curiosity/etc?