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Grand Theft Auto: Franklins Death

It was 2013, and i was scrolling through Facebook, and i saw that Grand Theft Auto V was gonna come out tomorrow. I was a huge fan of the GTA series. I went straight to Rockstar Games Online Store and immediately pre-ordered it for the XBOX 360. 1 Week rolled around, and Grand Theft Auto V came in the mail! I was so excited! I put the disc in the XBOX, and started up the game. Though the loading screen was scary.

I saw something. Lamar's Dog called "Chop" got stabbed in the chest by Franklin. It was stuck on there the entire time. I waited 10 minutes and it was stuck on the screen. I decided to restart the console, and the loading screen went to normal. I finished the prolouge, but when the mission called "Franklin and Lamar." I stole a car but Lamar slams into Franklin, killing him. After 6 minutes a gruesome picture of Lamar showed up on the screen, with bloody eyes and a creepy smile on his face, holding a knife, screaming for what seems to be 1 minute. I was really creeped out by it. I immediately popped the disc out of the console. I threw it away, and went on my laptop and told everyone on Facebook about the cursed game and i asked them if they experienced this issue, and no one said they experienced it. It is strange and i hope if i buy another one, it wont have the type of problem. Edit: I bought another one, and it was normal! I hope you guys do not experience this issue.


I hope you guys enjoy, credit to Rockstar Games:[1]

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THE LUIGI MAN (talk) 22:07, 2 December 2021 (UTC)

This wasn't a very good pasta at all. While the beginning was good with the OP ordering the game from official sources instead of the "I got found it at a garage sale/used at a game shop from the cashier for free" cliché, but then it all goes down hill. There's no buildup, terrible grammar, clichés everywhere...this isn't a good story. I hope this is edited and improved, or the author makes something better.