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Heartbeat of the grave (unreviewed)[]

My name is Ross Davidson this will be a confession of sorts, due to recent events out of my control.

This all started in the second week of November when I got up on Monday. I felt like trash as if I was coated in honey, slow-moving, and slow to act.

I had forgotten my phone twice, the effects cleared out when I entered the stairs, going down slowly my regular speed would return to me.

I made my way to the kitchen table, and suddenly my legs felt shaky. I held onto the round wooden table with all my strength until it passed once again. At this point I was perplexed, but it didn't stop me I had to get to work, so in a ill-advised move I skipped breakfast-making my way to the car through the living room, I made sure to go slowly I didn't want to risk smashing my face through the glass coffee table turning my face into mincemeat.

When my legs felt like they were going to snap under my weight,lucky for me It stopped again? What was this? Why was this happening to me, should I ditch work and go to a doctor?

My brain was flooded with probabilities for what ailed me, making it to my admittedly scratched and ungodly green car, until I felt it once again at first it felt oddly pleasant, at least compared to my previous state of mind, or so I thought that's when a feeling similar to a nail piercing the soft tissue of my brain had started. I let out a shriek I grabbed onto my car door, trying to hold myself up with my knee slamming it against the door.

I'll skip talking about work, for the time being, so I will not drag others into this madness I am involved in.

This truly started after I got back into my car about to start the second arduous drive home. My head had been killing me throughout the day my body felt as if I was 80 trying to run a marathon, Hell I collapsed multiple times. Needless to say if walking was a hard task Imagine driving.

Before I had even entered, I saw something long Ridgid sticking out of the trunk. I was struck with confusion, I didn't remember getting whatever this was, so I cautiously got close to my green beast of a car, opening the trunk, the prize inside was a shovel, I never remembered buying one of those, but I wasn't one to complain about new stuff I assumed it was some birthday gift I forgot about.

Sadly I couldn`t control what happened next when I suddenly stopped my car. I had got out and retrieved the shovel. I didn't know why but I started to dig into the fresh dirt on the side of the road. The aftermath of my episode was a long hole, its deepness up to my thigh. I didn't know what came over me so I walked back to my car, dazed and confused.

That night I had a strange dream. I can recall it as best as I can remember, I was on the road driving a man in the back of a long car. He seemed suavely dressed with a very soulless look to him eye he had long unkempt black hair, and I tried to ignore him and his heavy breathing, as I kept driving, however I thought I saw something on the road.

The rest is foggy. I remembered stopping the car on the seemingly endless road, the sides of the road looking as if they were endless. My passenger had gotten out a few seconds after me. Once again seemingly out of mind I had shoved the stranger into the abyss screaming as he slowly shrank.

I had reawakened and my headache was still gone. It felt good, but not great. After getting up I called sick to work, after that, I did something I will always regret turning on the news. It was boring or maybe I just could care less about some guy getting his dog taken. A robbery, some other nonsense about the planet I guess, some girl going missing at a park, and something about a fast-food chain closing down all of it just rotting inside the back of my head at the time.

Throughout my day I had bought myself a record, to make use of an old Christmas gift. sadly I realized I needed to start digging soon..but I didn't know when, or where to. The shovel was seemingly already inside my car I drove to a Walmart, my plan required a disguise. I bought myself a cheap skull mask, sure afterward, I got into the car sliding on my newly acquired disguise, taking the shortest drive I could to a movie theater.

I had ran over not to the theatre itself, but the woods nearby I took no time to break ground,I started to dig..but as I got into it I suddenly saw someone, I never stayed long enough to find out. I ran as fast as I could to the parking lot. Sweat constantly ran down my face, always on the verge of falling over on a branch or twig. But I made it back eventually giving whatever it was no time as I started the car.

After that a cycle began, I tried to go about my normal life. I dug the holes usually during the morning or my breaks when I could get them in. I had just decided to accept it as part of my life, the only thing I wish I could retrieve was my ignorance…but that man in the woods had piqued my curiosity at that time, leading to the night my life changed forever.

I woke up on the 13th of November during the afternoon. I dug a hole in a public park, one I knew the directions to by heart, at that point then I took the day off work all I had to do was wait for night.

The night eventually came. I had dawned my cheap disguise once again, the same skull mask and some old sweater vest. Once I arrived I immediately crouched slowly walking to the location, the hole was in the back of the park away from most prying eyes. I made my steps light as I could. I began to see something, some shadowy man from I saw his back turned.

My guess was burying something terrible my heart was beating fast, this was my chance to find answers, as I snuck my shovel in hand It was getting hard to hold as I got closer, my hands shook but my resolve grew slightly with each step until…..I slammed the shovel, the tool that caused this into their head cracking it open.

I drew a sharp breath after at that moment I wasn`t even sure of what I done at the time, If he was alive it was stupid that I turned away for even a second, I used my bloody spade to move the dirt they didn't get to use much but..that's when I saw her…A woman…her top half exposed her large t-shirt was torn stained from blood, her left eye was seemingly taken out her jaw was busted open as if she was left to scream forever.

I had decided it was for the best not to unveil her bottom half, to avoid whatever further horrors this freak had done to this poor girl, I looked back at the bastard only to find the back of their black trench coat was covered in blood from his head the ground beneath looked like red mud. I had killed him honestly. I was so shocked by the woman's state at the time I couldn't even muster the words let alone the emotions to express my reactions to the corpse beside me.

I was crying trying not to scream, I couldn't hold myself from vomiting. Once I got to my car I couldn't help myself, I started to cry slamming my fist into the dashboard as hard as I could, that's when I returned home after hours of stopping just to scream and cry.

I am writing this because I don't know what to do. At this moment my headaches haven't returned at the time of writing but I know I'll have to dig soon. I just know it, I can't tell the cops…I am at a loss of what to do. I'm hoping that asking would give me some hope…that I can figure out how to end this.

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