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An original Creepypasta By Cartoons and Demons (Ash)

There are a lot of people out today, the streets are full, and there’s barely any room to move unless you follow the flow of people, this is pretty normal for the weekend, people going out trying to get some exercise, hanging out with friends, going to arcades, things that school and work would normally take priority over. I was hanging out in the alleyway in between the Coinhead Casino and the Hotel I am currently staying in, We’ve been in this hotel for about three years now. My parents are still looking for a job so they can pay for an actual house. Currently, we are living off of my 23-year-old sister, Lexi, who works at the hotel and pays our hotel bills for us until our parents can find a job.

It was starting to get dark and the traffic outside slowed and a few people were standing in spotlights enjoying the beautiful night. Under one of the spotlights was a girl in a black dress, who also had hair with similar coloring. I don’t know why but I felt like she was watching me, but she was facing away from me so I figured I was just imagining things. I do that a lot, especially at night.

Before I even entered the apartment I could already hear my parents arguing, Dad went out drinking at the casino again wasting more of our limited money and my mom wasn’t pleased. This happens often, Lexi and I just leave them alone when they are arguing, because they can get mean during an argument. I went to my room and got in my bed, but before I closed my eyes I swear I saw some figure sitting in my window but before I knew it I fell asleep.

That girl I saw in the spotlight, I felt as though she was following me, every time I would look out a window or down the street I would see her, standing somewhere in my sight, she wasn’t always facing me but I felt like she could still see me. The girl didn’t freak me out at all, I don’t get scared easily, and as long as she didn’t do anything nothing was wrong in my eyes. I’m fine, Lexi on the other hand would be worried sick, so I kept to myself.

I started hearing whispers recently, soft, incoherent, feminine whispers coming from afar, louder whispers coming from right next to my ear, it didn’t matter where I was I could hear it anywhere. I stopped seeing the girl, but the whispers came more often, whispers from a distance like someone plotting a prank, and that’s what I brushed it off as, a prank, that’s helping me not freak out, but eventually, the whispers became constant.

The whispers got joined by other louder voices, various voices repeating different phrases, “Heartless Heartless,” “Don’t you feel bad?” “You must hate yourself,” “Do you see yourself? You're a monster.” I have a feeling that they weren’t originally directed toward me but they were now, and they won’t stop.

Lexi’s starting to get worried, she can tell I’m on edge from the voices. I still won’t tell her about the voices, she would freak out and I don’t want her to freak out. Although I don’t like seeing her worry this much either, I’d rather have her worry than freak out. I won't tell her, not yet at least.

The light is gone, it's all gone, the sun’s not there, it’s a constant night, something’s wrong, something’s wrong with me, I must be tired, I just need some sleep, sleep sounds good, I’ll just sleep, a good rest and everything will be normal in the morning.

The TV is on, but it's the middle of the night. Who's watching TV this late? I look at the TV to see a woman sitting on it, a woman in a black dress and black hair. She wore tall black boots, black gloves, and a brown bag. I could faintly see something shiny poking out of the opening on the top. The woman stood up, reaching into her bag. As she started walking closer I could see a different detail I missed, the left side of her chest had a little opening on top like someone did some surgery in that area but forgot to close the hole, and I could see more clearly that some of the red on her clothing was in fact blood. When she pulled her hand out of her bag she was holding a bloody knife, she ran her finger across it as she walked closer.

I tried to move and scream but I couldn’t do anything, nothing came out of my mouth and I didn’t even flinch. The woman crawled on top of me and pulled off my shirt, she looked straight at me and carefully stabbed me in the chest. She made a little opening similar to the one she had and rummaged around in my body until she found my heart. I could feel her moving the fat around it and I was starting to get a little lightheaded. As my eyesight slowly blurred I could see her take my heart out of my body then I passed out.

15-year-old Lewis Smith was found dead in his room by his sister, Lexi Smith, last night, he had a hole in his chest and was missing his heart. Both the killer and his heart have yet to be found, an investigation is currently underway.

I’ll find them, Lewis, I’ll find them and avenge you.

Cartoons and Demons (talk) 02:45, 24 January 2023 (UTC)

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