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Hiking Trip[]

This is a retelling of a Slender Man story, written by Daniel Kay, that used to be on Unfiction before it was shut down. I reworded it into the first person in order to make it sound more realistic, like an eyewitness account. The original story can still be found here.

A few years ago, a friend and I went on a hiking trip. We looked around and took photos of anything that we thought was interesting.

At one point during our trip, we came across a clearing in the forest.  We began to feel oddly weary, but blamed it on the humid weather. Strangely, we had no recollection of what happened over the next few hours. We were dazed and irritated as several hours had passed. My friend began to have chest pains, so we went back home.

A few days later, I was called into the ER after the friend I went hiking with collapsed. He was taken into surgery, where they found soil clogging his organs; causing internal bleeding. Me nor the doctors had any idea how it could have gotten in there. There were also tears in his chest tissue. My friend was lucky enough to recover, but the cause of his injuries was never explained.

Fast forward a few years or so. After what happened, me and my friend went our own separate ways. That was until I found the camera I took on our hiking trip. I decided to develop any salvageable photos on the camera. They didn't contain anything out of the ordinary at first. Each shot began to progressively get less noticeable and more unfocused. Trees, the sky - each looking as if they had been taken out of direct motion. We agreed this must have been around the time we began to feel weary. Many of the photos were overexposed or pitch black, showing us go farther and farther off-track.

We put the overexposed and black pictures off to the side until we could digitally scan and analyze them. Most of them contained nothing, but one of them we cannot explain. Below is what became visible after running the photo through various filters and re-analyzing the negatives:


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