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Hi there,

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to add new videos directly from YouTube using the video link. Has this feature been disabled by the migration?


Hey, I just got a couple videos added from my YouTube. It took me a minute to figure it out. Here's how I did it:

1) On the homepage of the wiki hover over the "explore" drop down menu (it's in the red banner, second from the right).

2) Use the drop down and select "videos"

3) Near the top of the page is a red button with a camera icon that says "Add A Video", click on this

4) This will prompt you for a URL to the YouTube video so just go to YouTube and get a shareable link from the video you want.

4a) I'm on PC so I have to either click on the "share" option while the video is playing ands select "copy link", or go into my YouTube Studio and get a shareable link there.

4b) In the YouTube Studio go to your content tab to show all your content. Hover over the video you want to share and you should see an icon with three dots stacked on top of eachother. If you click this, you can get a shareable link right there.

5) When you use shareable link on YouTube, the website/app will copy a link directly to your clip board so all you have to do now is paste the link in the url field back on the wiki. The link will likely be the most recent thing copied so just ctrl+v it into the field!

Hope this helps!