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Hypixel's Hacker[]

Everything started when i was playing minecraft with a friend ,James (i'll call him « J » and for me i'll say « M »for the dialogues between us).It was a monday at 4pm and we decided to go play some hypixel together since one of his friends i knew a little bit,Andrew (not his real name) wanted to join our skyblock coop.we played some private skywars because Andrew wasn't online at the moment and he said he could get online at 5pm.we played for half an hour and then James needed to go afk and at 5pm, Andrew got online.James was still afk so we talked a little bit :

M:  « Hey Andrew »

A:  « Hey (insert random name) how are you doing »

M: « not the best day honestly, i got covid so i've been playing all day. »

A: « Oh i hope you're doing well »

M: « And you how was your day »

A: « As usual boring but no problem »

M: « wanna play some private skywars ? »

A: « Why not but you turn on the ender pearl thing:) »

M: « OK OK I get it you're good at ender pearl clutching XD »

Then we proceeded to play another half hour of skywars and James never showed up again (also you need every player in the coop to accept someone new in it that's why we didn't play skyblock) then Andrew needed to go afk because it was diner time for him (we all live far from the others) and at that moment,James finnally showed up and said « sorry i was really slow i had a lot of things to do. »We didn't have any problem with that but something seemed off it was weird but we just kept on playing,Andrew got added in the skyblock coop really quickly and then logged off saying he would be back in less than an hour.He left the game and we stopped the call we had on our phones because his computer microphone was broken and we used our phones to speak to eachother.But then I realised what was wrong and probably did Andrew as well,We were on a phone call but i was also in a discord call with James,so we can all talk together,but why would James say he is back in the minecraft chat and not in the discord call?Plus his microphone was still muted since he was afk.I asked him what was the reason to this (in the minecraft chat) and he answered that he lended his phone to his sister but he didn't have discord on his computer and forgot his password.I believed him because when we first met, I was the one with discord on my phone who had forgotten his password.And obviously, I didn't told him (so you can guess i didn't notice) that if he really lended his phone to his sister, why wouldn't he have left the call.So we played a little bit more skywars but then we got bored and went on skyblock to do some dungeons.Once again I didn't notice right at the beginning (but I did notice at the end of the run) that he played healer...yes healer and that's something weird because he never EVER played as a healer in dungeons, not that he thinks it's useless but just because he wants to end the runs fast so i play berserker and he plays archer all the time.Not that it matters since we try to max out the boss collections and we are doing floor 2 (Scarf) with both necron set and valkyrie for me,juju shortbow for him (we're still grinding for the terminator but it's really expensive)and at the end of the run, we obviously won. We kept on grinding floor 2 and eventually,I got catacomb level 33 (yes I know i'm low level...) and we both unlocked the free scarf's studies talisman which we both already had one of.we decided to auction it and at the time,they sold for 666k lowest bin (i know it's a weird price but probably someone auction flipping and thinking it's funny to do 666k...). We placed the auctions and James put his one to 666k too (we told ourselves that we would be annoying and put it to 660k so that the auction flipper would have to buy ours fast and we would get our coins faster than we should have)and the problem is that the auction flipper was really fast about it and bought ours really fast (too fast for me to take a screenshot for fun so i was sad)and exactly when i saw the message :  « ... »bought your scarf's studies for a good 666k good job », my game crashed.

I logged back on the server the next day to be greeted by skyblock.Yes, skyblock. Normally when you log on the server you're supposed to be placed back in the last lobby you were in (which was skywars for me) but when i joined back,i was in the skyblock hub, in the catacombs and i said to myself : « Hold up, That's not normal » and went on the forums to know if anyone ever had the same glitch (i really hopped it was a glitch and not something worse) I did /fl to know if James was online because my wifi isn't that great and the forum page was still loading and none of my friends were in my friend list anymore,not even Andrew or James who i could have swore were still on my friend list when i left the game and Andrew didn't log on since because he had to go to school and he would be off 3 hours later,James had his class closed because there were more than 3 students with the covid in his class.So I didn't know if he logged on since.Then I remembered an item in the game,the great spook staff, an item that allows you to spook people with some trolls like « (guild mod) kicked you of your guild for the reason:not funny enough » or other things like that and it should say afterwards that you've just been trolled by someone but since my game is already glitched, I didn't care much more.I mean maybe in like 5 minutes my friend list would come back it's just a simple glitch in the time of the spook and i'll report it later on the forums.And then,i remembered,the forums should have loaded now i went to check if anyone else ever got spawned in the catacombs in the skyblock hub when joining the server,as if knowing that would have helped me understanding what's happening.But nothing,no one ever posted about this glitch. So I started asking on the forums if anyone ever got this glitch, my post took me probably 20 minutes to write with no typos. Then it was sent, obviously on forums, you need to wait for people to see your post and then hope they will answer so i planned on waiting until the next day to see if anyone answered.While I was waiting, i tried something, If you try to invite someone offline in a party, it says « you can't invite this player because they are not online »(or something like that i don't remember the exact sentence) so that's what I did,when I sent a party invite to Andrew, it said « You can't invite this player, they don't want to play with you.Now go away ».....It was the halloween period but i'm not that dumb (maybe i am actually)I knew this wasn't supposed to happen even on Halloween, I instantly called Andrew on my phone before even inviting James to a party.He answered and said :

A:Why are you calling me dude i'm at school

M:You're at school? Isn't it like 6pm, for you ??

A:Yes but I got a detention because James called me too

M:I just called you because something weird happened to me on hypixel do you have 2 minutes ?

A:Yes i guess i'm in the bus right now there's not a lot of people in it

M:Cool so when i logged on, i didn't spawn in the skywars lobby but in the skyblock hub catacombs,i tried to do /fl to see if James was online but no one was in my friend list,probably a glitch or the spook staff that might have glitched,i tried to party you but it said,You can't invite this player, they don't want to play with you.Now go away.

A:I don't know maybe the server got hacked you know all these duppers might have actually stepped up in their hacking skills.

M:Yes but what should I do because i'm kind of scared of this but I still want to keep explore.

A:Wait for a moment, I lied, I'm not actually at school, I wanted to surprise you but it seems important so i'll tell you right now, im moving out and I'll be your new neighbor, as soon as i get there i come to your house.

M:Really??That's so cool we can play together without having to speek through the phone.

A:Yes and I'm almost there just 10 minutes left.

M:OK i'm waiting for you see you in 10 minutes

A:See you soon.

And we finished the call .I waited for him to get there and when he did, i showed him my room and i went back on minecraft to show him what's next.While I was playing, i explained to him every single detail on what happened to me since i joined and we tried to /p James.......

« You invited James to the party, They have 666 seconds to join »


We were kind of scared at that moment as you can probably tell by the sentence above....

« James joined the party. »

James:Hey dude,do you know what's happening right now ???

James:Hey ? U here ?

James:Is anyone here ???????????????

James :Tell me when you're back OK

M:Do you see this message ??????

J:Yes why ?

M:I kept on answering you but it didn't sent

J:Tbh i don't even try to understand anything anymore XD

M:Have you tried to /p Andrew ?

J:Yes that's weird don't you think ?

M:Yes but i called him he moved out he's at my house right now

J:Does he know anything about this ?

M:Apparently he doesn't but he thinks the server might have just been hacked

J:Where did you spawn when you logged on btw ?

M:In the hub crypts.What about you ?

J:I spawned in a bedwars game but i was alone... it was weird as F... it looked like the game had already ended there were no beds, blocks everywhere no one else no NPCs no working forge and i spawned with a stone sword, 3 stacks of blocks and iron armor but i had nothing to do...

M:So it's not only skyblock then...

J:Looks like it

M:Can i call you on discord ?


J:U calling ??

J:Is it glitching again ?...

J:How could this hit Discord tho



J:I see it

M:Ok finally

J:It's so weird


J:Hold on a second someone is knocking on my door probably my mom who came back from her work


J:I'm back

M:Wanna try to play private skywars ?


M:Any modifier ?

« "You" has invited 6666666 to the party.You have 60 seconds to RUN »


J:I'm leaving that's it i'm done with this game

M:Same I like horror games and movies but now it's just too much.


[TOO LATE] 6666666 Has joined the lobby

M:On this hacked hub there's the colosseum maybe the pvp is activated there

J:Yes but you know i'm not that good at pvp so if it's against a hacker....

M:Remember we have full necron valkyrie and juju shortbow it's basically the maxed stuff we can have.

J:Yes but what if the hacker has a terminator ?

J:And why did you even add him to the party ????????????????????????

M:I swear on whatever you want i didn't add anyone in the party


M:Ender chests are not working i had so much splash health 8 potions in it...

Then,we started to fight,the hacker had better stuff than us,he had full maxed necron armor, Hyperion,Terminator,Wither cloak sword and potions.We were screwed...

I decided i would tank the hits while James would deal the damage since remember,he plays archer and I play berserker.The fight actually ended on a win for us when the hacker when to attack James when i was on half a heart meaning i could use an enchanted golden apple to heal up a little bit and use some heal potions.How lucky was that ?

During the whole fight, Andrew tried logging on but the game kept on telling him « Not now »then crash his game until when we defeated the hacker and he could log on.

After all of this, the server came back to normal. Players could actually join and on the hypixel server discord, The owner himself asked if he could call us three in a group call. Of course we said yes what were you thinking hypixel the owner of our favorite minecraft server doesn't need to ask us if he can call us.But yes we said yes and he thanked us for saving the server and made a proposition to us,if we share this history (which i would have anyways;) ) then he would make a new permanent rank for us three which is the equivalent of [YT]rank.So don't be surprised if one day, you see someone with the rank [SAVIOR] on the server.

Some days later while I was writing this, I got a call from Andrew.

A:Hey « Me »

M:Hey Andrew

A:Have you seen the news ?

M:No why ?

A:You remember what happened on hypixel ?

M:Yes obviously

A:Guess what

M:What ?

A:They found who the hacker was

M:Really ?!?!?

A:Yes and it was actually the guy who wanted to join our coop and we didn't include him because the coop was full

M:Oh I didn't think all of this could have been our fault...



A:He's … He's... dead... with several ...knife looking cuts... on his body...


A:It's almost as if the damage you got on him in the game also damaged him in real life



M:I'm turning the TV on

At the same time, James called me on discord

J:Hey have you seen the news ?

M:No but Andrew told me

J:Do you think it could ?

M:I don't know but I hope it's not

J:But does that mean.... when you were on half a heart in the fight.... if he had hit you one more time..... would you be … dead ?

M:I don't know and honestly,I don't really want to test it

J:But why does he have cuts on him you took hits too right ? Then why don't you have anything ?

J-M:Do you think it could be.... No it can't be.... the valkyrie.... right ?

And that's where the story ends. I hope you appreciated it.

Thanks for reading ALL of this.I'm sorry if there's any typo or if I spelled anything wrong.

I don't speak english as my main language and I'm still learning it so please be tolerent.

That was my first ever creepypasta and i think you guessed it,none of this is real,it's just some weird ideas I got from playing too much Minecraft.


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Poor grammar, O.K plot, no originality. 30/100 (probably don’t post)[]


Interesting story.[]

This would be a great creepypasta, but there's alot of grammer issues. If you seek some grammer help then it would be perfect to upload. 70/100.

Te (talk) 18:37, 26 December 2021 (UTC)[]


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