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So I was doing some stuff that reminded me of a particular CreepyPasta:

I wanted to find proof of it or the lack their of, I did a WayBack machine search, nothing but a YouTube link. But then I did a google time search, and after narrowing down and checking multiple sites, I came across this one in Chinese, and curtesy of Google, it can be translated. Google sites the page as being from 2007, but it might also be from 2006.

I also archived this site for extra measures

As you may have noticed, this site shows a collection of different dark web links and small descriptions of what they are. When translated to English The description listed on states "normal human test bloody URL (account required)".

I feel like the fact that this site shows many other sites that are possibly dark web related and never mentions CreepyPastas, or has this site stand out, along with the description and its knowledge that an account is needed may prove that this website was real, but the author of the CreepyPasta either used the site as an alias (unknowingly) for their story idea, or was on the dark web and had made an account as well as lied about details on how they accessed mentioned videos.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope it makes an impact.

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