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I don't need sleep[]

"Sleep is like death, but only temporary"

Listen, I used to handle not sleeping. I once stayed awake for three entire days. But this took a toll on me. I constantly keep drifting off, almost succumbing to my tiredness. However, I keep myself awake, keep going strong even though not much is left.

I dunno what the actual hell happened, but about a month ago, it was reported that when people sleep, they would drift off into a coma, or pass on. I'm quite paranoid, so when the remaining officials not in a deep slumber told us to stay awake, I was going to make sure I wouldn't sleep. Some people were still sleeping, but most fell into a coma or died. However, some people still could wake up, but it was extremely rare. I don't get why people just don't listen sometimes, like they just don't give a fuck.

I tried to make myself as uncomfortable as possible, so I could resist the urge to sleep as much as possible, even poking sharp objects into myself so it could give me a shock, a booster, to stay awake. But, that may be doing more harm than good, and it doesn't really make sense, I guess.

I drink coffee as well, that's about the only thing I drink now besides soda. It helps keep me awake as you know.

Strange that this just suddenly happened out of nowhere. In just one day the world was fucked. I've wandered around the streets getting supplies for my house, and it's completely silent. No cars, no nothing. Just a dead city. At least the structures are intact and the supplies are free. But, something about going out in the city fills me with dread, makes me uneasy. Walking by once busy places just to find everybody gone. Last time I saw a person was a week ago... It's been so long since I've seen anyone.

I truly feel like the last person left

And, I think I am.

Electricity is somehow still on, which is a miracle, but everything on tv now is just a rerun. Strange to think no new shows will be in production anymore, bummer. Although be grateful for what you still have.

Food is getting shorter in supply, because of course this sleep shit affected animals as well. I've been trying to get as much food as possible. Yes, other food supplies have been affected. I would love to have a nice salad, but sadly that's not possible anymore. Most the food when foraging is outdated, but as long as it's not too outdated. At thus point, anything goes as long as it's not rotten and gross.

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Entity555 (talk) 02:42, 22 September 2022 (UTC)[]

10/10 Amazing. Keep working, lots of people will probably nominate for POTM! Love it :)