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I saw it in the woods[]

My name is Hans, and I reside in a small town near a so called nice and calm forest. I moved to the town last summer as a way to escape city life and a fresh start. Weirdly enough the house was very, and I mean very cheap I didn't know why it was so cheap, but I happily moved to it because I loved the view of the forest. Yesterday I decided to go camping with my old friend john. Me and john got some camping stuff and a random tent we got 2 years ago and entered the forest. We did all the normal stuff like set up the tent and hanged our food and trash bags so bears can't get to them. I got the camping grill out and made some hotdogs Then after we ate john wanted to go hiking before it got dark as he likes the darkness of the pre night, so we set up our flashlights and went out. John said somethings "I just love the darkness just before night it's just I don't really know what to say" I replied with "Me too in a way Like it's cool I guess and stuff I don't really know" we both went back to walking through the forest just looking around at the trees and plants then we heard it the bush move John jumped then said something "That really scared me" I replied with "Me too" then we both went back to walking. Finally, after what seemed like hours, we made it to a small lake John started to speak "I love the view of this lake" This time I only nodded Then we heard it again The unmistakable movement in one of the bush's. "AHHHH" John screamed loudly I said quickly "John its just a animal don't worr-" I freezed up. John then spoked up "What's wrong" I didn't reply for some seconds then I replied, "I swear I saw a head or something" John freeze up too "What?" he was in shock from fear. I spoked up after "It's most likely just my head" Then me and John started to walk back to our camp site but then we saw it. It was humanoid but was somewhere around 8 or 9 feet tall so it towered over us, its skin was a dark gray like color and its eyes were a bright red then it spoked with a deep and raspy voice "hello mortals". John started to run but it blocked John with its arm "now where do you think you are going?" John didn't dare to move even a plank length while I pulled out a pistol and fired at the thing. it screamed a blood curling scream then fell to the ground then John spoke up "Thank you Hans" he said this with a fearful face I nodded then we went back to our camp site and went home. Now I'm here writing this not knowing what it is or was but I know that the thing is gone or at least hopefully gone.

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