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Incident report.file[]

Log entry 001 2/18/15

Note: Head Researcher [REDACTED] requests that all files related to [REDACTED] be stored in a secure facility


Experiment 001

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Te (talk) 13:07, 18 March 2022 (UTC)[]

While there's very little to go off of here so far, I'll mention that "Head Researcher" probably shouldn't be capitalized. A title like that is only capitalized when being used in conjunction with an actual proper noun (name). For example, I'm a "chef," but I'm "Chef Taylor".

If it was "Head Researcher Johnson" then capitalization would be warranted.

Also, don't do too much redacting. It's often overdone, and tends to add less real mystery and more eye-roll factor. It's a difficult tool to utilize effectively.

Good luck, and keep working on this.