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Ipad syndrome[]

Before I tell you my story there is one thing you must know: Please, make sure your kid doesn't have too much screen time, and i'm not one of the people who made one of the "child care tips" websites or whatever, I beg you too keep track of this stuff.

May 6th, wednesday, 201X I'm going to keep the year private for personal reasons. A while back I had finally gotten my son an ipad after he had asked me for one a kajillion times so I was fed up with it, and used almost half of his college savings, and I am (was) a single mother so I didn't have anyone to help me pay for it. I noticed the second I got it and finished setting the restrictions and stuff, he seemed attracted to it, like really attracted to it, and your probably thinking "ok so, he just liked it a lot" he brang it inside stores, church, in bed, restaurants, and even to school once! I was getting concerned when I asked him why he was using it so much "I haft to play mommy" he said "why?" I was hesitating whether to continue the conversation but he said "I need to keep playing" and he said this all with a calm tone of voice, which seemed like he was barely listening, so I had snatched the ipad straight out of his hands and something unexpected

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There's a lot of context missing. How old is your son? Why do you only have 800$ saved for his college? Why are you letting him be on the tablet 24/7? What happened to the kid's father?

There's quite a few grammatical mistakes that you can easily find and fix.