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Is this a dream?[]

Looking back, friends love to prank each other, don't they? My friends were exactly that way. The most extreme prank is the cause for this creepypasta. Basically, my good buddy George knew my birthday was coming up (this was close to May) and decided to give me an Amazon gift card as an "Early gift." Now, it was facing the edge of April, so I automatically got skeptical. I brushed this off, because George had his "Lazy douchebag" days and his better days. Later into May, I heard that a new Pokemon game called "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" had released. I didn't care (mainly because I prefer the older games), but that gave me an idea as to what my gift card was going to. I automatically searched on Amazon for "Pokemon Red" and hit the "Under $10" button. Only one showed up as available, after a LOT of scrolling. Nothing strange about the tile, just "Pokemon Red for Gameboy." I bought this copy, and, to my surprise, it shipped within a day. Nothing wrong with the packaging, or the cartridge. "There has to be a catch." I thought to myself, looking for my blue Gameboy. After seven minutes, I wound up finding my Gameboy in my closet. Just to be sure, I checked the cartridge again to be sure no evil entity had written something on it or some shit. I parked myself on my couch and began the game. The title screen played out with everything the same except for the title. The title was now, "No, this is not a dream." In smaller text to the right, it said "Don't try to wake up." "I knew something was up," I told myself, "But I kind of had it coming." After all, I DID buy a copy of Pokemon Red for under $10.

Never before had I been so interested (and offended, it's complicated) by a Pokemon game. Basically, every time I tried to talk to a character, either for the pleasure or to progress, or trigger a text box at all, it would be exactly four pages of blank text. Why four is beyond me, as well. Somehow, after visiting a seemingly empty laboratory and picking a starter Pokemon (my personal favorite, Bulbasaur), I was able to move freely. There was absolutely zero text keeping me from going a certain area. This didn't seem like a problem at all, I thought, because I hated having to see that "I have things to do" bullshit. Seeing that my character never spoke, or even thought, to the best of my knowledge, it seemed like they were just moping around aimlessly. Maybe they were trying to get something out of their head. This would be hard to believe, I thought, because my character just picked a Pokemon, and anything before that would have had to involve a person.

Now, we've all seen the creepypastas where the game talks to them, or tries to kill them. It seemed like, in this case, that the game wanted nothing to do with me. It wouldn't talk, much less show evil intent. It was, in all honesty, shocking. If my example is to be true, EVERY hacked game has to feature an evil entity, right? "Maybe," as a spark of admiration lit up in my brain and seemingly lighting up the Gameboy just a tad bit more, "This will be different." My character, still moping, made a motion that caught my attention. A quick change of the placement in the head I thought almost looked like nodding. A text box showed, the same blank four as usual. Multiple times, with my character facing me, the four text boxes appeared. One by one, they got cycled through. My character did the reverse animation of the nod it did before, looking like a sigh. My character turned around and awaited my command. Making my way into Lavender Town, the usual creepy music followed. No, my character did not automatically kill themselves. Instead, the four blank text boxes showed, and the character would not go any further than the PokeMart. Scrupulously, I made my way back on the road (You know, because Lavender Town is the center of myths and legends). Eventually dragging them home, I went up to their room and went straight to the bed. I was hoping to just say hello to this character's mother and make it go to sleep, but NO, it just had to sit on the bed. The four blank text boxes appeared, over and over.

Finally, after a century of not shutting the hell up, my character went to bed. About one second in, he sat back up on the bed. For the first time in forever, a word popped up on my screen. "Is?" the text boxes cycled nonstop. I was wondering if I bought Pokemon Red for under ten dollars, or I was having a fever dream. The text boxes stopped. "Is this a dream?" the text box showed. I was kind of pissed, because the game was trying to talk to me, and I thought it was going to be different. For some reason, though, it wasn't showing any sign of interaction. Maybe the question was rhetorical. Nevertheless, I turned my game off for the day, kind of ticked off.

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