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It Takes Two (Unreviewed)[]

"Are we there yet?"

These were the words that escaped Brooklyn's mouth as she poked her head between the seats to her mother.

"No sweetheart. And I know your worried about your face paint, but it's fine, deary." Her mother replied.

"eugh." Brooklyn sighed. She put in her headphones, before swiping through her vast collection of songs. She came across 'Battle against a True Hero', and practically slammed the play button. She turned up the volume, before leaning back in her seat, and dropping her foam spear. Brooklyn was dressed as Undyne for this year's Comic Con, and was desperately combing through her hair, trying to make it as red as possible with hair chalk and hair spray.

"Sweetie, it's already as red as can be. Please don't spoil your lovely hair with those products." Her mother sighed heavily.

"Are we there yet now?"

Brooklyn climbed out of the car, yawning, as she grabbed her foam spear. She dusted the crumbs off it, before walking to the entrance. "Don't forget to check in later, okay sweetie?" Her mother reminded. Brooklyn nodded solemnly, before turning on her heel, and leaving her mother behind. Little did she know her life was going to be altered by one fateful meeting...

Brooklyn was sipping on a smoothie, before accidentally bumping into another cosplayer.

"Hey, watch where the fuck your going!" The person cried. They turned around, and revealed themselves to be a Chara cosplayer.

"Sorry!" Brooklyn apologized, raising her hands.

"It's fine. Hey, wait... Your Undyne?" The cosplayer guessed. Brooklyn nodded in agreement.

"Cool. It's actually canon." The cosplayer smiled.

"Chara?" Brooklyn asked.

"Yep. How did you know?" She questioned.

"Easy. Green sweater, cream stripe, brown eyes, heart locket. Heck, you even got the pants and shoes right." Brooklyn chuckled.

"Looks like I found a true fan of Undertale." The cosplayer replied. "Name's Giselle. Giselle Green."

"Brooklyn Blue." Brooklyn smiled.

From that day forth, Giselle and Brooklyn grew close. The first few days, they were just at comic con, cruising and browsing through panels and buying merch. After Comic Con ended, Brooklyn and Giselle got each others numbers, and left, saying goodbye. Brooklyn, one day, bored, texted Giselle and asked if she wanted to see her new cosplay stuff.

Giselle texted back of course. Brooklyn video-called her, and did a haul type of show. These 'hauls' made them closer. Soon, they opened a channel on YouTube which they showed how to do accurate and canon cosplaying.

Maybe it was fate or chance, but Giselle eventually found out that she and Brooklyn live in the same town. She started eagerly meeting with Brooklyn everyday, and only doing Undertale related stuff.

Brooklyn was never that into Undertale. Sure, she loved the game, and dressed up as the characters from time to time, but Giselle really dragged her into the circle of obsession.

One day...

"Hey, Brook." Giselle started.

"Yeah, Elle?" Brooklyn replied, fixing a hole in Giselle's Chara costume.

"Here on Ebay, there's a old copy of Undertale someone got when funding the kick-starter! Want to get it? It's kind of pricey, but I'm sure my mum can-"

Brooklyn held up her hand.

"Okay, Elle. Anyway, I have the money. How expensive can it be?" Brooklyn smiled.

"200 dollars." Giselle deadpanned.


"I can't believe you made me do this." Brooklyn huffed.

"You offered to pay, not me." Giggled Giselle.

"Please never giggle again. It's creepy. Like, fanon Chara creepy."

"Oh, shut up."

Brooklyn shoved Giselle out of the way, before typing the name 'Brookelle'.

"That's dumb." Scoffed Giselle.

"Says you." Brook replied sarcastically. After a few hours of endless gaming, Giselle reached the end of the Exiled Queen ending. Sighing with happiness, she let Brooklyn have the seat of honor.

"You son of a bitch, I need to do a full reset now. You KNOW exp stand for Execution Points, yet you earned them?"

"Be happy I didn't do the Geno route."


Brooklyn sighed happily as she chose to stay with Toriel. Seeing the pie scene always filled her heart with happiness. But something strange happened, the screen started glitching, and Asriel's sound byte was playing on a loop. She hastily clicked Z, thinking she left a dialogue box open. Then, Asriel appeared, with a yellowing map. The screen was flickering, and Brooklyn could discern trees and moonlight. Giselle, intrigued, quickly snapped a picture of the map.

"I'll enter these coordinates, and see where it leads." Giselle said.

"Why?" Brooklyn questioned.

"It could lead to Mt Ebbot!"

"What? Giselle, you know Mt Ebbot doesn't exist."

"It could!"

"Giselle, that's crazy..." Brooklynn gently placed her hand on Giselle's shoulder. "Mt Ebbot isn't real."

"But it could be Brook!" Giselle protested. "Anyway, we're going. And it could be fun!"

As Brooklynn started at the rushing fields out the window, she let out a sigh. Her stomach was churning, and her gut insticnts were blaring warnings. She didn't want to do this.

"Elle, please. This is insane! I've got a really bad feeling about this..." She pleaded.

"Brooky, this will be fun! I promise." Giselle dismissed Brooklynn's pleads, and swiped through the picture of the maps. "What luck it was outside the city!"

"Yeah... what luck...." Brooklynn muttered.

As they explored the places that the map showed, Brooklynn wandered from Giselle. She tried to find the way back to the train station. She wanted to go home...

But she would never see home again. Branches of a tree started crawling across the floor, dragging Brooklynn to it's desired location. She was caught off guard

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~~The Anonymous Crouton (talk) This, My Friend, Is Illegal ~~[]

I'm really sorry to burst your bubble here, but this falls under the Blacklisted Subjects Category. You can't add any real life game as the premise to the actual story. You can make references, but you make Undertale the subject of fear in your story. I'm sorry, but the minute you post this it will be marked for deletion.

So it's not the subject of fear, it's actually a guy who turns into a tree to kill Brooklynn. That makes no sense, but it'll make sense later Brooklynn 14:15, 5 April 2022 (UTC)