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During a Family Trip to Chile in the mid 1980s i came across a TV show that young me rather enjoyed, even though i couldn't understand it (as it was completly in Spanish), I watched the first four episodes religously the entire trip. On the way home a Bootleg VHS Salesmen Overheard me talking to my father about how much I loved the Show with the Funny shadow people. He then offered to sell me a bootleg copy of the entire first season of the show, Which He called Jackson in Jworld, that was translated into english! My Father declined the offer and left, but after i begged him for ten minutes he came back and purchased the VHS.

Once at home I watched first half of the season over and over, as I enjoyed it so much with its (for the time) Pretty amazing Mix of 2D animation, Puppets and very Occasionly Live-actors. Even though some of the episodes where extremly distorted, with broken auido and Fuzzy, Distorted, grainy Images Which was most likely the result of a bad copy or the Anti-Piracy kicking in, which would make it imposible to watch some of the episodes (It would cut the the anti-piracy screen instead of playing the episode).

The main cast consisted of the three hosts, Jackson, who Served as the main narrator, and would act calm and collected mostly but would also show his more emotinal side here and there doing things as cracking jokes. Even though his animation seemed a little off and his voice slightly distored time to time, there was something about him I found very calming. The other two members of the main cast included Max and Shy Angie, Neither of them delivered any lines, as Max spoke in a distorted whisper which only the cast could unterstand and Shy Angie Never made any noise and only moved her eyes. Many other characters also appeared either to impove the episode of teach something to the cast, such as cooking, animals, art, or even in one of thoose episodes, economics including information on supply and demmand. One of my Favorite of theese Characters was Buck, Jackson's Brother, who was very carefree, sociable and occasionally greedy.

Though I enjoyed most episodes (the ones i could watch) I remember some scenes that gave me nightmares; Such as when Jackson and buck severly wound, a boat captain causing the boat to sink, as people can be heard screaming while the brothers argue whos fault it was. The episode ended on a cliffhanger due to it being a two parter, but because of my corrupted copy i was unable to watch the second half. Another scene shows the art teacher (can't remeber their name) Screaming and falling into pieces. One of the most disturbing took place in the episode, Needles (which i refused to watch because of it) Shows Jackson Handling a Knife, he then wonders what would happen if he cut is hand open, so he does, causing it to bleed. He uses the blood to then draw symbols on the ground. Episode 16 (or 17) Labled 'I don't like it anymore' Plays out very strangly with Jackson being the ONly character and you can hear fear in his voice as he goes through the episode.

The one thing that scared me the most was not an episode or a scene but a character, Named the Waxman, who was played by a very dark figure who looks like they were played by a human but the way they moved, dragged themselves along the ground, moving themselves with the back of their wrists, their neck Jerking this way and that at breakneck speed, made them look very uncanny and even inhuman. The close up shots were often very jerky, making the Waxman even more unsettling. I would usally close my eyes whenever they came on screen refusing to open them until it was over. The Waxman also had a theme song that would constently play whenever the Waxman was on screen, a Distorted Version of the ice-cream truck song. It also seemed i wasn't the only one scared of the Waxman, as anyone else in the show seemed to be terrifed of them. The Waxman's sole purpose in the entire series was to Upset the charcters (doing things like destoying their property or genrally malicious) and they seemed completly helpless to stop the Waxman, as they could only sit in silence and watch as the Waxman commited its acts before leaving.

Unfortunately I lost the VHS due to a flashflood in my area and despite my desprate attempts i was unable to find any copy of the Series anywhere. That was until recently the First episode of the Series was uploaded to youtube. Apart from that it appears to be completely lost to time.

The Pilot: [1]

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Te (talk) 13:51, 5 January 2022 (UTC)[]

Howdy there!

First thing's first:

There are a few cases of inapropriate capitalization. For example, the early line "On the way home a Bootleg VHS Salesmen Overheard me talking..." has three words that definitely don't need caps. Keep the caps to the beginning of sentences, proper nouns (such as the name 'Jackson'), "I", which despite being a pronoun must always be capitalized, and initialisms/acronyms (like VHS).

There are also a few spelling errors, but nothing too major. More coming across as if this was written in a rush, and not proofread at all.

Quite a few sentences need some restructuring, as they aren't cohesive. Try reading the story out loud, and notice parts where a sentence should end (and a new one begin). Also keep track of tense, and that a new sentence is a separate one, and must be worded as such.

Ultimately, the story needs quite a bit of proofreading and editing.

On to the plot:

While it's very brief, the story's elements are concise enough to convey the message. I think there needs to be much more focus on the feelings and details of the show, in order to give us a reason why this story is scary or creepy. Consider this: if there was no video for the "pilot episode" attached, would this story be scary? If you think so, ask yourself why. Find what motivates the story and try to capitalize on it.

In the end, you have bones of a Lost Episode style story here, while maintaining a reasonable level of originality. It definitely needs work before it's eligible to be posted to the wiki, but I believe it could be a good story. Keep at it!