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Jolene (Open for reviews)[]

My darling husband hasn't been loyal to me. He thinks I'm unaware, but I know all about her. The girl who has won over the heart of my love.

Her name is Jolene.

I hear him every night, my hubby. Keeps taking her name in his sleep.

"Oh, come here, Jolene, you're my sweet darling!"

"Hush, Jolene, it's gonna be alright, don't cry babe."

"I'm always here for you, Jolene."

Who does he think he is? Where does he get the gall to keep gushing about her all night?

That too when I exist?

But I guess it's on me. Maybe I've been too passive. Haven't really had any command over my husband, have I?

Yes. That was my mistake.

A mistake that I'm not gonna repeat with Jolene.

I have to have a talk with her, and so I do. I tell her- no, I beg of her.

"Jolene. Please don't take my man."

I tell her, calmly, that she could have all the beautiful young men she desired. And how couldn't she? With her beautiful emerald eyes, her sweet precious smile, her alluring voice of a siren... I could easily understand. How she could be the burning desire of any man.

She could have all the love in her life she wants. But I can never love again. My happiness depends on her. So I beg, again. Tears in my eyes now.

"Please, don't take my man, Jolene."

I look at her. She doesn't say nothing. Just flashes her warm innocent smile in my crying face.

The same smile that melted the ice-cold heart of my husband.

A smile, that sets my frail heart aflame. A wild fire rages inside of me. It burns on sheer hatred. On inadequacy.

On the painfully searing realisation.

That I could never be as good as Jolene.

I need to quench this flame inside of me.

So I do what needed to be done. I sneak up on her. Douse her screams with a damp washcloth. She struggles, but I manage to get her inside the car. It's a long ride with Jolene keeping up her efforts to free herself.

I hit the radio up. Dolly Parton's magical voice gets me to hum with her.

"Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene..."

I am still singing as we reach our destination. Carefully, I grab Jolene from inside. Her green baby-doll eyes still burning a hole through my soul.

And stops.

The moment I set her on the cold concrete floor.

It's like a cool soothing wave washes over me. As I get in the car and drive back home to my husband.

Leaving behind our infant daughter at the fire station.

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8} William See 18:48, 3 January 2021 (UTC)[]

Very well written and emotional. I wouldn’t say it’s very scary, perhaps a tad bit disturbing on a certain level, but it’s well written nonetheless.

Man's best friend (talk) 15:57, 6 January 2021 (UTC)[]

Thanks for the feedback William. Will work more on the horror aspect next time.