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I should probably start out with a little bit about me, well actually the old me. I was in 10th grade when things started to get weird. I was an average student,average grades and only talked to my friends one in particular we'll call her Paige. She was my best friend. We did everything together, had goofy talks and very personal ones too. She was amazing until her father murdered her. I saw it on the news that her drunk father shot her. Sadly she did not die from the shot. He repeatedly beat her until her skull caved in. I hated him I´m surprised he was not my first victim looking back. Oh how stupid of me, I´m supposed to tell you about me not her. Hmm lets see, I was really good at hiding my crazy at first even though I went to therapy the therapist was stupid enough to believe I was actually getting better. I hated her. I just wanted to be done with her so I acted as if I were really changing. Lucky for me  four weeks later I was done. At first I was happy but then my head just kept getting worse and worse. That's when my mom decided to get a boyfriend. They had been friends for a long time. I freaken hate that guy. That caused so many fights between me and my mom that definitely did not help my head. I told her karma will come around eventually for making my life hell. After a while they had a kid together. That's the day i just stopped having a mom she was nothing to me. I hated the kid too but I knew it was not his fault he was born so I tolerated him. That's about it oh and when i have a problem with someone it's not enough for them to go away i want them to die, make sure they never bug me again. Well with my mental health just almost completely gone I got an idea. He was taking way too long to die so maybe I could speed up the process. I thought about it a lot longer than I should have but then I remembered if I killed him and got caught my future would be ruined and trust me he has ruined enough already but the thought never left my mind completely. I started seeing her everywhere. She would only show up for a second then leave in the day then she would come to me in dreams, her skull bashed in her leg oozing blood from what I assume to be the gunshot. She told me I would not get caught, it took me a second to figure out what she was talking about. Him she was talking about him my moms freaking boyfriend.She told me to do n when she would not ask me to. One day Paige came to me in my dream but this time she felt so overbearing. I was a little frightened but she told me tonight was a special night. I thought she meant i was going to kill him but she said no, almost like she could read my mind. Normally in my dreams she stayed away from me so I could not see her very well i just assumed she did not want to frighten me by her appearance but even when she stood away from me i could see her brain matter the oozing of the blood down her head and leg but today she stood a few feet in front of me she smelled of rot and decay her body still as if she had only died a few seconds ago but it had been at least a month. She told me she was going to make sure I did not get caught looking like me but she was so much smaller then I realized she still had more human appearance. Her mouth was open like mine but only some of her teeth were sharp and her fingers only had deep cuts on them. I looked at the demon then he started to speak. She was a chicken she could not bear the pain so she is now your, he stopped and thought about it for a second then smiled “pet”. Her body then started to contort into the shape of a dog then a wolf. Crimson red fur sprouted from all over her body then her in the shape of a wolf her smile stayed but her teeth got bigger. The demon told her to not disobey me and be loyal. I woke up in a dark place then I realized I was outside. I looked down at my hand. There were the claws I could feel the sharp teeth with my tongue. I whistle then Paige or whatever she was now she ran to my side the whole thing was real. I started to walk until my surroundings became familiar. I was outside my house. When I looked through the window I could see him standing in the kitchen along with my mother who was making dinner. Me and Paige jumped through the window. Paige held her in the corner. I told her not to kill her. She was going to watch everything she loved be taken away just like me. I grabbed his chest, my talonse going right through his flesh and bones. He pleaded as did my mother but with one bit to the neck he was just a pile of nothing. I looked at my ‘’mother’’ She looked at me and started crying harder. I looked at her for a few moments and she was sobbing. I touched her face with the claws I had given myself then told her karma hurts. I quickly ran out through the door, then Paige followed . I did not turn around to see what then she started her story. Her dad had been beating her for a few weeks prior to her death and she had had enough of it. She had seen a ouija board in the closet and decided she was going to start messing around with it. She talked on and on about the ghost that would talk to her about how they died and what it's like to die. I was getting ready to ask her to just get to the point when she appeared an inch away from my face. Her expression was hate. She told me I had to wait to get to the good part then she carried on. She was talking to her usual group of ghosts when another had joined she said it was a dark presence, she then turned around and looked me straight in the face, she asked it to help her. “it I said, she gave me a grim smile. She then started talking about how the thing came up with a plan it told her she would have to die first so she waited till her dad was drunk to get herself killed that why her dad would get a punishment to, it will be nothing compared to what you will do to him after you get revenge on your mom's boyfriend. I asked her why she had to die and what do i have to do with this thing she said i had to die so i could talk to you like this and the thing will give you powers to kill without being caught. She knew I was a little scared so she told me not to be she… NO the demon. It finally clicked in my mind that it was not her, it was the demon. It knew I had figured it out; it told me she was fine that if i did what it asked she would be free. I reluctantly followed his instructions. I had to say its name until he was strong enough to give me his power. When i had screamed his name 10 time I fell in pain, my mouth was tearing open and my teeth were growing sharp until i had a huge smile on my face filled with razor sharp teeth then the demon in my friends body gave me the knife I had stolen it told me to cut the flesh of all of my fingers I started after I had done one finger i did not stop with the flesh i started sharpening the bone until there was a narrow point at the end. Slowly I finished up all my fingers and when i was done the demon told me that i was not the only one like this he then pointed to the corner there was something there in the shadows it stepped into the light it was my friend my real friend i guess i should say she she was doing. I just heard her crying then start to choke on her tears.It felt nice to have rid the world of a man like that. Just then did I remember Paige's dad rotting in prison I was happy to kill again. I started to run towards the prison. I was so incredibly fast for a few moments it scared me but I quickly got over it. When I had finally found the prison I got the urge to just jump up on the building so I was able to hold on and climb. I told Paige to find another way in just as I finished that sentence. Claws started to appear slicing out of her flesh they took the place of the regular nail on her paw. She jumped on the building and stuck so we started to climb it took absolutely forever to find his window almost got caught a few times too. Paige went first she killed him slowly and with a lot of pain just like her death. I just watched,you could see just how much fun she was having. I never even got to touch him but felt like it was for the best that she deserved to kill him. Now her and I kill anyone that deserves it. I really like being called karma. I hide in the dark waiting for my chance,true I don't have to wait but I like to.

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