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La Madre de Muerte[]

In 1716, an outcry of parents soared throughout the kingdom of Spain. They complained that their children wouldn't listen to them and wouldn't stop crying and screaming. After endless months of begging that the king did something to help punish the children, King Charles III had a solution. He sent an unnamed woman in a black night gown with long red hair to the doorsteps of family homes. She would knock at the door and those who answered were greeted by her. Her bulging eyes and seemingly forced smile stared through the neglectful parents. She would murmur: "¿Están llorando los niños?" or "Are the children crying" in English. To those who said yes, she would walk past the parent and look for the source of the screaming usually from the child. She would grab a blade and slit the children's mouth into a smile. The screams became muffled and they couldn't speak anymore. The horrified parents would curse the woman who then would say: "Se bueno" and would tell them that they got their wish and then she would leave. She later would be dubbed as: "La Madre de Muerte" or The Mother of Death in English. 2 months go by and the woman was executed by hanging, but the damage was done. The weeks would be known in infamy and misery. The parents would cry over the tombs of their children who passed a few weeks later due to breathing issues. The following are letters translated to English which discuss the woman. "What have I done? I invited this woman into our home and let her take my children away to Hell with her! I will never be able to forgive myself for begging her to come and take away my love and happiness." "I don't deserve happiness. Instead of taking responsibility for my child, I let her do the punishing. She punished my children and me in the process." The woman has been wiped clean from textbooks and archives in Spain. If you ask people in Spain about her, you will be shunned and no one will act like you are sane. The following is a crude head drawing of the woman. Now children, be good. For if you aren't there's a chance "she" will make you smile.

Madre Muerte

Crude Sketch drawing

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