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La Santa Muerte[]

this story happened to me about 1 month ago it was a Wednesday night had boring school the next day I was sleeping then I woke up and had to use the restroom I got up still tired tryna find my glasses cause I'm blind lol anyways I get up theirs two doors to the bathroom one leads downstairs and the other is connected to my room so I open my room door is in the bathroom doing my business the other door was open didn't think much of it I was closing it slowly and saw a white figure in the corner bottom of the stairs I was looking for a while cause idk if I was seeing things correctly I had my glasses on so I could see perfect and fine I get scared and quickly close the door I walk slowly to my bed I tuck myself I'm scared but also don't know what to do its dark in my room cause I like the darkness but scared at the moment I wake up in the morning still confused I change for school going down those same stairs and their nothing? I'm confused like what? I didn't have time to think I had to go later that day coming back I told my mom in Spanish that I saw La Santa Muerte she was like oh no you see that's what you get from listening to that demonic music and ugly style im like what not even true my parents didn't believe me told my cousin didn't believe me either she was freaked out at the end of the day I saw La Santa Muerte everyone says I was just seeing things but I know what I saw I know

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William See (talk) 18:17, 7 December 2023 (UTC)[]

You should spend more than 20 minutes when working on a draft, the entire thing is a wall of unpunctuated text and filled with grammar errors. For example, typing “tryna” instead of “trying to” is particularly bad when its the narrator speaking.