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3:01 AM.

It was near dead quiet outside. He was bored out of his mind, the only car outside was not occupied for now.


The man looked down to see a box written "Lost and Found", open a crack. He opened it to see shoes and socks, but at the bottom he found a tablet.

Chuckling softly, he picked it up and turned it on.


Page 1.

"This is Larry (the picture is a skeletal being with his back turned).

The man says "Hello, Larry."

"Larry never gets to play outside in the sunlight."

He chuckles at this remark.

"Others make fun of him because he looks different."

The man frowns slightly.

Page 2.

Larry now has his head turned slightly to look at the man.

"Larry just wants a friend."

This causes the lights to flicker, which the man repeatedly flicks the switch restoring it.

He then looks outside to see a figure in a fetal position at a distance.

The figure then crouches up and the lights flicker again. He looks again, but the figure is gone.

Page 3.

Now Larry's head is lowered, but still looking.

"Larry lives behind a window."

"He can see you"

"through the"


Page 4.

Larry now looks at the man with what looks like hatred.

"Will you be Larry's Friend?"

The lights turn off.

The man tenses and opens the door , as he sees the same figure but appears to get ready to run.

The man gets the tablet's camera and zooms in on the creature.

The creature walks in a fetal position back to the woods.

The creature is now in front of the booth the man is in.

The man hides, and the lights turn on.

He looks up, but nothing is there.

He hears a noise, but that is merely a couple that approaches the unoccupied car.

The couple drives away, and the man is left alone.

He then hears a creaking noise from the tablet, and looks down.

It was Larry, and he came to greet his new friend.

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