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Love Makes Us Human (Unfinished Rework)[]

Full Story, from stat to finish. MissAlrightisOkay (talk) 13:20, 17 June 2022 (UTC) (added this for the signature rule!)

Hello, I am Aliza. I am writing here to see if anyone has ever had the same issues that I have had or can at least help. I will be going into full detail in case there is important dialogue at a specific point that can give me a hint as to what is happening, or how to stop it. All right, here it goes, from the top. All my life, people have spoken to me with this strange saying. "Love makes us human", it is odd, because it seems like it is just poking at me for not having those feelings. Sure, I can feel platonic love, but nothing above that. However, to me, there feels like there has always been some more sinister effects to it. I suppose due to my interesting brushes with these feelings. I will go into more detail about that later. It was a Tuesday; I had just gotten a doctor's appointment during school hours. This meant that I had 3 hours left in the day, I was unsure of what to exactly do with this chunk of time. My motivation to do even my regular activities was down the drain, so I decided to follow wherever my mother decided to go. Mother said that she would be going to the grocery store, firstly, and then run two other errands after. As it was nearing teatime, and because there was nothing that had more than one flavor in our house, it sounded like a wonderful idea to me. Nothing of interest really happened on the drive, truthfully, just that I saw a…. very sexual ad. I tried to remain calm, but a strange voice in my head told me "Strike 1.". I had no idea if that voice even came from me, but I knew I had to stay sharp and on high alert. So, I did. We had arrived at the supermarket, getting our trolley, we were ready to go! When we got in, I knew I had to head towards the sweets, those kinds of food would keep me going until supper. I walked in, ready to find my favorite types of sweets. Unfortunately, a couple of teenagers were in the aisle, clearly trying to rub people up the wrong way. I tried to ignore them, being the introverted type, this was surprisingly easy to pull off. Of course, something bad always had to happen. "Hey, kitty, what's a sexy thing like you doing in here?", I tried to confront them, believe me, I tried. Had it not been for the voice instead my head chanting "Strike 2.", I would have. Instead, I ran away, like a coward. "Why so afraid, darling?" one of them said, snorting whilst the trail of their voices went away as I ran. I got back to my mother, slowly pouring the contents in my hand into the shopping cart. We then went to get other miscellaneous food products, before leading us to the "beauty" aisle. With me being a bit of talker, I ran my mouth off these beauty products, due to how my identity was. What I realized, was that a woman in the exact same aisle was walking up to me. She told me about the "purity of love" and "you just haven't met the right person yet". I did not care for her speech, all I cared about was a sound of a bell gong going off, and a voice bellowing "THIRD STRIKE.". I closed my eyes, not out of acceptance of my fate, I just knew from experiencing the hard way of keeping your eyes open when the third strike hits. I opened my eyes. The lady was no longer a lady, replaced by a creature that would have come out of a pop-out book. This whole experience felt like I was in a pop-up book, like the event of me running out of strikes made the monsters pop out. Their features were unreadable as human anymore, even in this land coated by red and black, the monster's features show. In this sudden realization, I tried something I had never attempted in this state, retaliating against the creature, I hoped talking back would cause an effect. "I-" were the only words that I could gasp out, I had lost my words. The beast in front of me found this amusing, chuckling at my lack of words, where did my strength go? Did I waste all my strength by not speaking up to those useless teenagers? While I pondered these thoughts, I heard the writhing masses that were supposed to be the other customers. Half shuffled slowly, the other half scuttled around, like a huge bug. I had to make a dash for it, before they could close me in, I bolted out of the aisle, my brain still making sense of the geometry of the grocery store and pointing me towards the exit. I could feel the sense of a thousand eyes on me, making only my adrenaline flow faster, and faster. At the same time, I could hear hurried stomps behind me, "Don't look back now, idiot." I told myself. As I kept to running up the street, I noticed other brutes, one's thousand-yard stare burrowed right into my soul, as if I were the problem here. The only thing I could really think to myself about how many times this has happened, what is even the point anymore? I cannot always keep running, there will be one day where the beasts silence me and therefore, I become "normalized". The only thing that kept me running was the possibility of facing these beasts, to become a "perfect" puppet on a string, with no personality, no future, or even, no life. Closer and closer I got to home, my heartbeat starting to bounce into my ears, coupled along with tinnitus, I did not care about the pain I would go through to get back, I just need to return home safe. Finally, I unlocked the door hastily with the spare key under the door's mattress, about to lock the door on my way in. It was not until I unconsciously glimpsed at the beasts did, I see who was after me. It was a huge pheasant bodied creature, with the legs of a mutated fish, and the face of a human. I wanted to faint. After locking the door extremely fast, I went to watch TV, a thing I never do. Something was calling for me to just watch it, I did not know what force it was, or if it was even my feelings, but I got the dusty remote and turned it on. It was so peaceful, every time I blinked, the world would get less red by the second. Weights finally vanishing off my shoulders, I closed my eyes for a second. Letting all my emotions out slowly by every breath, I-. Everything went back to that awful strong palette of red, I did not say anything, and looked back up to the TV. There was a person, smiling at me, like they could taste every bit of my fear. Their face morphed, turning their human face into one that of a deer's, the sounds of bones crackling made my insides crawl. I had to find somewhere to hide, I did not care if this was just on TV, I did not want to look at, or even hear it anymore. I hid in my closet. That was when I heard the bumping noise, did I realize that it manifested its way out of the television, and was hunting me down. I brought all my clothes down to hide me in a corner, I just needed to survive a bit much longer. "Alizaaa…" it cooed, "we just want to say hi, Aliza! Come out, and we can show you some people you may be… interested... in!" it said, loud stomps accompanying its voice, I tried to stay silent, this would be over soon, it cannot keep its grip on me for too long. "Aliza…" it started again, "Why do you hide from us so? We are just trying to make you complete!" I shivered increasingly; I wish I were not born li-. "ALIZA!" its voice bellowed, cutting off my thoughts and starting to grow frustrated, "Come out here, you pathetic half-wit!" I stayed silent, please end now… "ALIZA." it had enough with my silence, "COME OUT HERE NOW, I'LL SHOW YOU THE PROPER WAY TO ACT WHEN SOMEONE GIVES YOU AN OF-" its voice cut off. I opened my eyes; everything was clear again. "Finally," I said aloud, stretching my body out of the pile of clothes, "I was starting to feel hopeless, sitting in there." I spoke. I tried as best as I could to put the clothes I used to hide back on their rods. "Oh well!" I blurted out, trying to avoid any negative feelings. Silence filled the air, deciding on what I should do. "I’m going to write about this, giving myself a break can wait a tick.", so here I am, writing this down, to hopefully get this out there. To whoever is reading this, please, am I a freak like those beasts say I am? Whatever words you can provide, maybe it could stop the red from appearing? Nothing changes when I try to do something. I feel like this curse is stuck to me, so maybe words of encouragement from other people can finally make those monsters go away? Please? Help me, I feel like I am losing the strength to run…

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