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-- I feel like the story is missing an element that I am not able to find. If anybody could help, it would be greatly appreciated. This is my first pasta so please point out the common errors I know I've made so I don't make them again :)

My body was stiff as I gazed into the emptiness of the lobby. It wasn’t long before the sound of the door opening pierced my eardrums, forcing me to instinctively look towards it. Nothing there. I looked down at my phone. 9:39. One minute till I get off. As I was walking to my car, I felt the winter breeze. As I got to my car, I checked my phone. 9:37. Wasn’t it just 9:39? Weird. I put my keys into the ignition and started to drive.

As I pull into my driveway, I turn on my phone. 9:35. That isn’t possible. I wonder a bit, and walk up to my door. I walk in, meeting the bland tan walls of my home. I notice a faint glow coming from the door to my left, the empty guest room. I walk into.. my living room? My living room was on the right. I check my phone. 9:30. The light of the running television illuminates the room. I look at the blue walls. Blue? My walls were tan.

I turn off my television and walk into my bedroom. I go to my desk and turn on my computer. 9:27. What? I’m greeted by my homescreen, a picture of me and my father. I open my browser only to have it immediately bring me back to my homescreen, a picture of me and my mother. What? My mother? I have no pictures with her. I’m fatigued enough for the night, and I go to sleep. Before I doze off, I look at my alarm clock. 9:24. How?

I can’t sleep. It feels like it’s been hours, though it only could’ve been a few minutes. I glance at my alarm clock. 9:19. Why? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? I’m genuinely worried at this point. I don’t want to think about this anymore, so I find a way to sleep. I wake up under a blanket. I didn’t go to sleep with a blanket..? I check my alarm clock. It’s a normal time, 12:30. I look through my windows, and I am greeted with the light of the afternoon. I walk into my.. guest room? My living room was on the left last night.

I walk into the living room, the bright pink walls illuminated by the running television. Bright pink? Didn’t I turn the television off? I’m scared to stay in this home today. I walk outside, and see the green grass of.. summer? It was winter. I’m sure of this. I look at my phone. 2:00. It had only been a few minutes.. Crap. I’m late for work. I quickly drive to the hotel I work at and stand behind the front desk. Hours pass, and no one comes in. Not even the usual chatter of my co-workers is audible. My body stiffens as I stare into the dark lobby. The sound of the door opening reassured me, as I eagerly looked towards it. Nothing there. I looked down at my phone. 9:39.

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