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Mother Death/FallBound[]

Hello , you should know me from my last creepypasta a few days but let's go to the Dark Earth.[]


Back in 1995. I was going to my local game store to find a new game for the SNES i have then i found it. EarthBound the new game and it was for the SNES so i bought it. I sniff for the fresh new SNES game i find then i pop it in the console. It says FallBound/Mother Death. I thought it was a alternative title screen as i think that i need to defeat the villan for it to show EarthBound. As i was starting the game the characters Ness , Paula , Jeff , and Poo was staring into my soul. I quickly name them and it started. Onnet seems a little more dangerous for a child to live in then Ness woke up from a bang outside. He quickly ran outside without a pushed button as i saw a dark house with a bloody knife on the floor. No NPC was seen when Ness got out of the house and it didn't make sense since everyone in the town would hear it. I finally took control of Ness when "it" was going up the hill on the left. I finally went up like it was a endless staircase and Buzz Buzz was already up there and it said... Ness why did you do this? Why did you kill them? You can't decide there fates. Now i can ch0ose yours... (Buzz Buzz gets in your way) Buzz Buzz tries to use is PSI but Ness was too quick for it then Ness randomly took out a fly killer then "it" kills it. (YOU W0N) I turn it off as i- (YOU WON) (Ness is now level 99!)

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Why didn't anyone laugh at the farmer's jokes? Because they were too corny! (talk) 16:13, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[]

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