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Moths Don't Always Need Wings.[]

I was sitting in a café when I saw a newspaper and picked it up. I just was simply confused as the image looked familiar even though I've never seen it. I thought it looked horrifying. It was an image of a lion with a skull in its mouth. A skull I recognized; it was an old friend. I ran out after paying and looked online at the article and saw it. Yep, I knew her. They call her "Kiana Miki"(key-ahn-ah me-key) but, that isn't her name. When I was 9 I went to the park to try to make friends and met a small 10 year old named Kenna Miane(ken-ah me-anne) who I became fast friends with. She had long black hair, grey eyes, greyish white skin, and moth-like wings. I dumbly never wondered how or why she was like that. God I wish I did. I was sitting alone on a swing when Kenna came over. "Hey Rayne!"(rain) "Hi Kenna!"

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William See (talk) 19:31, 22 May 2022 (UTC)[]

Not sure where this is going as the first paragraph seems rather all over the place. Its recommended your workshop drafts be at minimum a finished rough draft so we can help you figure out coherency and logic of the plot.