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My First Delivery[]

It was around 2002, and it was my first day of work as a delivery man for a food company. Little did I know, a seemingly normal order would turn into a seemingly nightmare.

I was quite excited for my first delivery. As the clock struck 9, I got the pizza box and quickly got on my bike to head towards my first ever delivery. The roads were so lively, however the more I drove, the more the emptier the road got.

The GPS announced that I had reached my destination. As I looked towards the 'destination', there stood a huge apartment building. It seemed strange, it was dull, dark and silent. The building was really old and broken.

I entered the apartment, at least there were security guards. As I entered the dimly lit building. There were numerous of rooms. The room I had to find was 160, the last room I guess.

After a long walk I finally reached the room 160. It was dark. It was strange - it was really creepy. I knocked the door. There was no answer. I knocked again. There was no answer again. I knocked for the third time. There was no answer for the third time.

I decided to just open the door. No one was home however there was some cash. I took the cash and placed the pizza box. I decided to quickly go back.

The next morning, I told the other employees about it. I received the chilling reply, “No one actually lives there and they give every new worker that destination just for a practice, there use to be someone living there earlier but had committed suicide.”.

Where did the cash come from?

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