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My Manager's Guitar (Death Music's Background Story)

The crowd goes wild and crazy for the opening act of the battle of the bands! There are two bands left backstage and they are preparing for the ultimate band competition. There's a teenage girl, being attentive to her red headphones. She has brown hair and had the most attractive eyes that people adore her. She was into E-Girl Aesthetic fashion and being a musical rebel herself. She is Bernice Villamayor and she is that the lead guitarist and a vocalist too.

She was very nervous because of the pressure that she is facing, she had fans, an outstanding career, people who cared for her and so much more. But she never let that in the way so she stood up and looked at her friends in a very optimistic way. "Guys, are you ready?!" she said unshakably.

"Yeah!" replied Lavender, Lavender is the Keyboard player of the gang. She was very cheerful, responsible, and supportive to Bernice. Lavender was cleaning her keyboard and next to her is Alexandra, Alexander is the most defensive & a very hot and short-tempered woman. She is the one who plays the drums. Tina on the other hand is the bass guitarist, she is very chill and somehow lazy but she loves to hang out with peeps. The Quadropeeps named the band, The Supernova Gang. The one who discovered them is their manager, Sir Jay Gonzales. A Cebuano with musical taste and willing to support them by taking tours across the Philippines.

"Girls, are you ready to win this?" said Sir Gonzales excitedly. "YES!!!" Said the four with an amount of excitement and nervousness. While cheering themselves, within the corner of the backstage, someone went towards them which is the Car Jack Bomb band. JayCee, Simon, Harold, and of course, the bandleader is Drake.

Every one of the members of the boy band got annoyed at the Supernova Gang due to extreme Jealousy and winning fame yet they can be boastful in such things, well, except for Harold. Harold is the one who's been with Bernice since childhood and they never fought nor argue. He is the quiet one in the band and sometimes he might get bullied for being a softie to Bernice.

JayCee started to tease the entire band for being such sluts even though they are not so Alexandra stood up and prepared to punch him directly in the face yet Bernice stopped her. Bernice didn't want to fight physically because she knows that's wrong and she wanted to prevent the band from getting disqualified. She just looked at them and said gleefully, "Hey, let's have a fair fight on stage! Good Luck!" Harold started to smile and wave at her yet Drake started to slap him in the face for being such a dork. Bernice was quite annoyed at what Drake did.

Suddenly the staff pushes the Car Jack Bomb band and said with a rush, "People! Time is up, go already!!! Time for you guys to perform!!!" They arranged the set up on stage then Drake started to grabbed the microphone and said, "DO YOU WANT TO HER SOME NOISE!?" Then the crowd has gone crazy and then Drake started to burst his energy and said, "Then I'll give you noise!!!!" They started to play harmoniously with the band. A heavy metal rock genre they preferred type of music. The crowd liked it and after an hour. They went backstage to earn their rest. The Program host announced, "Wow! What an awesome performance! But what about the Supernova gang?!!!" Then the crowd started to cheer Bernice's band name out loud. Bernice was happy but she notices that the Car Jack Bomb wasn't happy with them at all.

She just sighed and went to the stage with their instruments, they were arranging the cords and cable wires. Bernice started to hold the microphone and said confidently, "I don't fucking care if we win or we lose, what matters is that... WE HAD FUN!!!!" then she started to play her guitar in a high volume, and people gone really crazy for them. Then Bernice smiled at Alexandra and said, "Alex! Hit it!" Alexandra is doing Drum tricks and said confidently, "1, 2, 3!" Then she started to play the drums in a wild guess. Then suddenly Tina started to play her bass guitar with this catchy beat, having this rock vibe with the drums and the Jazz mix on the bass guitar. Suddenly Lavender started to play with her electro keyboard giving the futuristic vibe along with the 2 vibes and lastly, Bernice started to play her Electric Guitar with this pop vibe and started to sing her own song, titled, "Being a Proxy With You."

While she sang her composed song, people adore her, love her, and wanted to be just like her. An hour later, after the song she sang was finished. The fireworks appeared on the starry night of Marriot Hotel where they performed live, prepared by their Manager. The peeps were so happy and felt victorious to win their fans' hearts. As they went backstage, Harold started to hold Bernice and hugged her, and said happily, "I'm proud of you Bernice." Then she pouts and said with this mean glare, "Don't ever let them bully you like crap, you're smarter than this... They are just using you because you're a great drummer and had real talent than them." then Harold just chuckles.

Then suddenly, Bernice started to check her iPhone. It started to hang for a bit and continues to corrupt. She thought that she needs a new phone again but she had 22 phones that are acting the same way so she just decided to stay loyal to her phone for now and decided to turn it off and switch it again and she did. After that, Bernice has 17 messages in her inbox instantly, she checks them out of her curiosity yet when she saw the messages, they are written within the same phrase. "Come with us, be with us, join us?? What the heck..." said Bernice with a confusing whisper. She started to be in a corner and wondering who texted her because this is not the first time. It was texted in one single phone number digit so there's no way to text it back. She suddenly felt dizzy all of the sudden and started to get goosebumps for no reason. She was in deep thought about this person who is trying to troll her.

then suddenly Tina pops up in nowhere and pokes Bernice, Bernice got freaked out while she's catching her breath and checked out Tina in her palm face. "Tina... next time... please... you freaked me out, dude!" shouted Bernice. "Whoops sorry!" replied Tina with a silly tone. Tina started to get a bit worried because she has never seen Bernice that serious before so she asked, "Uhm, dude? Are you okay? like you're more than paranoid." Then Bernice took a deep breath and said, "I'm fine, I'm just thinking too much that's all." Then suddenly Alexandra started to poke the two and said, "Come on weirdos, the program host will be announcing the winner." So they just went on stage with the Car Jack Bomb. The girls were holding their hands really tight,

the drum's beat goes faster while the host is opening the envelope. "The winner is... The Supernova Gang!" announced the host proudly to the group. The crowd goes wild and that they raise their banners for the Supernova Gang, the gang loved them so much yet the Car Jack Bomb was highly disappointed.

Tina started to grabbed this huge paycheck and Bernice started to hold the trophy and show it to the crowd. A few hours later, in Resorts World Manila, the full band celebrates their victory. There's wine, Eat all you can buffet on bed and money more. It was like living to them like a famous rockstar. As they celebrated, suddenly the manager pokes Bernice and took her into his room and brought something huge and decent. A perfect gift for Bernice. "Manager, what's that??" said Bernice with curiosity. "You'll see..." said the manager with a wink and then chuckles.

When the manager removed the covers, a pointy-bladed guitar is shining through Bernice's eyes. Bernice likes it and holds it; the manager pats her shoulder. Bernice was so amazed at the sweetness of this bladed V-shaped guitar. Then asked, "Jay? Did you create this? Is this dangerous or illegal to handle such beauty?" then the manager said, "Hahaha...Yeah, I made it with my father who may be a bladesmith, we customize it for you." Then Bernice plays the wood and said, "What wood did you place on this?" then the manager said, "I made it using Narra Planks. does one like it?" then she said happily, "I've loved it!!! I love the details and everything and great choice in the Narra Planks, they are hardcore! Thank you!!!" Bernice hugs her manager and he hugs her back.

When Bernice left his room, Jay was nervous and started to cry. He started to murmur and said, "I'm... I'm sorry Bernice... it's the only way to keep your friends safe... I don't know why that man wants from you... I tried every task... every challenges to make you safe... please Bernice... be safe..." a cold sigh he created and started to turn off the lights using a remote. He couldn't stop sobbing until he falls asleep.

12 midnight sharp, Lavender went downstairs to grab some water, when she's in the kitchen. She felt something in her feet, something that she never felt before when she opened the lights. She saw something that she never has seen in her entire life, she saw the manager laying down on the ground bleeding an excessive amount of blood. She screamed to death until Bernice and the others went downstairs and saw them. Alexandra called the cops then started to comfort Lavender on the sofa. Tina was so furious and Bernice couldn't stop crying. She started to hold Jay's hand and couldn't stop begging him to come back to life.

A few hours later, the police arrived along with the workers of the massive hotel undergo an investigation. They started to ask the clerks, the hotel janitors, and anyone but nothing. They even interviewed the gang yet still nothing, they checked the room and there's no evidence that Jay was murdered so it was declared to be a suicidal attempt. Bernice couldn't accept it but she couldn't do anything about it. Bernice started to call the father but she received a call from the police that Jay's father was murdered also at the same time. Bernice felt dead silent and couldn't speak, so she and the gang planned for cremation for their manager at the funeral.

The next day at the funeral; they cried one another for the beloved Manager. it was so tragic for them to lose their manager, Jay Gonzales. When they received the ashes, they started to head back to Resorts world and pack their things but things are not always according to the plan. When they came in, the lights are completely out. It was so strange for them and felt suspicious, Bernice started to find the light switch until someone attacks them and tied them up one by one.

When the lights switch turned on,  it absolutely was the Car Jack Bomb right along, Alexandra gets mad said, "WHAT THE HECK does one WANT... WAIT... YOU KILLED OUR MANAGER DON'T YOU?!"

"We didn't kill your manager it absolutely was Bernice all along!" Drake stated with confidence.

Her friends were skeptical about it because they knew Bernice will never do such a thing since Jay & Bernice were so close to one another, Bernice has no idea about what they are trying to say. Her Friend Harold looked worried and one of each of the members pushed him. "HAROLD SHOW THEM THE FOOTAGE!" JayCee shouted.

Harold turned the TV on with CCTV footage that is planted in the kitchen, Harold was nervous and his tears are falling because his band members went too far so he punched Drake for being a jerk and shout, "I'm sorry Bernice, they are the ones who planted the hidden camera there. I don't want to be involved in this but Bernice... Why did you kill your own manager?! Like why?!" Bernice couldn't speak a word. When her friends watched the footage, The peeps didn't want to believe what they saw even for Harold. Alex started to look at her with confusion and said "Bernice... why do you... do this?" She started to deny everything and avoid eye contact. "I didn't know, I swear!" said Bernice with confusion and nervousness.

Then Drake got mad and grabbed her V-shaped bladed guitar aggressively and pointed the bloodstain. "What is that this then? Huh??" Drake shouted angrily. Bernice was dead silent, she was scared and couldn't believe what just happen, she knew that she, herself was innocent, or is she? She started to felt guilt but still confused. Harold started to hugged Bernice and started to look at Drake and shouted, "ARE YOU INSANE?! YOU WENT TOO FAR DRAKE!!!"

Then Drake clapped sarcastically and laugh psychopathically then said confidently, "Well, well... we can able to sue you for this! Then once we do, your career is going to be ruined, Bernice!! REMEMBER, NO ONE WILL LOVE YOU ANYMORE WHEN THE PUBLIC FINDS OUT YOUR DARK SECRET!!!" Then all of the laughs, disappointment, & regrets are all ears to her until it started to trigger her, and started to cry with pure blood, Harold stopped hugging her and back off, he was scared, confuse, and worried. "Bernice? Is... Is that really you?!" Harold stuttered

Lavender was so shocked about it even the rest of the people and she started to p0anic slightly just to snap Bernice's mind, "Bernice? Bernice?!?" nobody saw her cried like this before not even her childhood friend, Harold. She turned really silent, really silent then she began to destroy the rope that's affianced to her until she escaped. Her eyes were bright red looking directly at Drake. He started to get the vibe that he will be killed by her so he started to grabbed the guitar tight yet it was too heavy for him to carry.

Bernice snatched her guitar, the one that her manager gave to her, and began attacking the  Carjack bomb in exactly a snap, she slices their necks and ripped the leader's skeletal structure. She murdered every single one within the band except Harold. Alexandra hugged her so tight and said, "Bernice!! Stop!!! this is often not you at all!!!" while sobbing with confusion. Bernice started to snap herself and fainted, Harold catch her tight and hugged her.

While the others couldn't think straight and trying to think about what's going on with Bernice until Lavender saw a note falling from the bladed guitar. She reached it and commenced checking on that until she found a disturbing secret thereon. She was scared and checked out Bernice. She sighed and no other choice, she sat down and wrote a letter as fast as she will. She started to pack Bernice's stuff in her bag. Tina was furious and confuse as heck about why she's packing Bernice's stuff until Lavender started to cry and said, "I just don't want her to get arrested..." Alexandra and Harold dispose of the bodies in the comfort room. Tina started to clean the living room and the rest of them started to move safely in the parking lot and never return to that place again. Bernice was in a deep sleep, Harold was driving while the others are trying to make themselves awake. it had been already dark. Nearly midnight. They've driven very far, from Manila to Lipa, Batangas.

When they've reached the woods, Bernice was still deep asleep and Harold carried her and put her on the tree for support and shed. Harold whispered and said with tears, "No one will find you here... Promise..." he started to kiss Bernice on the forehead. Lavender started to put her bag beside her and couldn't stop crying. They went back to the van and drove as far as they can and left Bernice alone in the woods.

When she woke up, she started to get confused and got really terrified on his shirt covered with bloodstains and commenced to cry, she kept wondering and wondering if she's the one who kills those people, she even wondered why she's in a forest. She cries plenty and can't think anymore, she opened her bag which is that the one they gave her, and saw something. a present from her band members, an image of her and her childhood friend, snacks to eat, and two letters. She began to cry with plenty of blood and he or she has no idea why she was shocked. She opened a present and open a Domo Plushie, began to hug it really tight, and whispered worriedly, "How is that this possible..." She began to take a look at the 2 letters and browse them. She was speechless afterward when the guitar was cursed despite everything thanks to the Narra-base installed to the guitar. She began to examine the guitar.

She threw the notes and started to run and was close to throwing the guitar at the Lake of Taal until she heard a devious voice from the guitar and said, "Well, Well... When are you going to accept your fate? it isn't that bad!" Then she began to have a look at her reflection within the blade. She looks very different than her normal self. Then Bernice shouted, "You're not the boss of me!!! Leave my life alone!!" When she almost threw it, she began to freeze, and also the guitar spoke, "You'll never throw me..."

Someone is controlling her body when she was holding the guitar really tight, her heartbeat raises, and felt pressured to all or any of the items she has done. Until that very moment, someone began to approach her. A tall guy with a blank pale face and wears a black suit and a red tie. "Don't be afraid Bernice..." said the tall guy.

She began to snap out of it then turned to determine a bloke with no physical face and said nervously, "H-how do you know my name?!" then the tall guy began to touch her right cheek and wiped all of her bloody tears using his bare hands and said, "Don't worry child..." Then suddenly she pushed the tall guy and shouted, "STOP!!! STAY BACK!!! I'M WARNING YOU! I CAN USE THIS THING AGAINST YOU!" She was holding the bladed guitar really tight, until the tall guy went towards her and touch her forehead then said, "There, there... don't be concerned... Mr. Slim is here..." Then Bernice looked at the tall guy's faceless face and said nervously, "I-I'm... I'm scared..." Then suddenly, Mr. Slim puts the blindfold on and said, "From now on... Where this blindfold... don't be concerned, you'll never since the things you didn't want to see..."

Then Bernice began to study him, she was observing him while holding Mr. Slim's hand and said, "Mister... who are they?" She began to point at the people who are with Mr. Slim then said, "This is Firebrand & this is often Observer. they're my proxies." The two black figures smiled at her. Firebrand checked on her and said, "Master, I believe she's able to become a proxy." Mr. Slim fixed his tie and grabbed the box from Firebrand. Then Mr. Slim said, "Bernice, put this on..."

Mr. Slim gave her a pair of jeans, converse shoes, & her official clothing together with the headscarf. Bernice started to move away from them and hid in the tree for privacy just to change her clothes. When she's fully changed her clothes and went back to them with her bag. Mr. Slim was happy deep inside and said, "Do you like it?" Then Bernice was too shy and said, "I... I loved it..." Firebrand checked out them and asked, "What should we call you before visiting the basest of Germany?" The observer checked out her and said, "Let's called her, Death Music... It's perfect... for a being like her..."

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Death Music

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