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Natures Karma[]

Alina awoke in a rush from her bed, She had a nightmare again, she stared at her lap as beads of cold sweat dripped from her face. She could not understand what the dream meant, it was always about a sort of mask? She didn't understand why the mask affected her so intensely. As her mind wandered on, she was brought back to reality by the blare of her alarm clock on the bedside table next to her.

“ Time already? ” She spoke to herself, Annoyed by the time, six thirty- It was time for her to head to her school. She quickly scuttered down the stairs. Looking up she saw her young sister no more than ten, and her mother inside the room. “Honey! I made you some breakfast!!’’ Her mother chirped as she had come down the stairs and to the table.

Alina rolled her eyes as she pulled out her phone typing on the screen. Ignoring her mother's joyful tone. She looked up at her mom with a glare of ice. “Whatever mom, you are embarrassing, I'm sixteen now, I can cook for myself!`` she spoke in spite, of her mother's slowly fading smile upon her face. She took a piece of toast and was on her way out before her mother's voice spoke up. “honey, you don’t mind walking your sister to school with you? Mommy's busy today.” the mother spoke.

Alina huffed and got up tossing her bag onto her shoulder “Yeah fine, I’ll wait outside…”Alina spoke proceeding to head outside with her phone. Aliana was on social media taking photos and posting tweets while she waited when suddenly, the air around her began to feel, heavy, The feeling of unease… dread. She paused and looked up from her phone. Her eyes widen as she stared into the distance in front of her.

A boy, with brown, matted short hair stood within the distance, she could have sworn she had never seen them before, they wore a greenish tan jacket, dirty and messy. His black jeans ripped and torn, But what stood out to her the most was that mask, it was similar to her dream, white, no mouth with button eyes stitched upon the mask itself. She even if not able to see the boy's face - felt as if he was staring right through her. She felt a tug on her arm and quickly turned down to look at her little sister.

“Sissy, are you ok?” the little girl spoke as she stared up at Alina tilting her head. Alina quickly looked back at the road where she had seen the boy, it was empty, turning back to the little girl she grabbed her hand “Y...Yeah I’m Fine, let's go..” she sighed in relief, she must have been seeing things. She picked up her phone and went back to her social media. As she walked the kid, she has begun to get a .. uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, Ignoring it she continued walking.

Suddenly, her sister tugged on her sleeve repeating her name trying to get attention. Alina slowly became annoyed. It got to a point she couldn't take it anymore.

“Knock it off Mil!” she shouted shoving her sister off, her eyes widened when she saw her sister fly back. Into the road .. right in In front of a car. Before she could react,  all she could see on the road were splatters of red, while everyone around her is screaming, covering her mouth, she looked up as a flash came from the other side of the road.  Staring straight at the masked boy from before... Her eyes teared up as she saw him disappear. 

A few weeks have passed since then,

She will never forget that day, she can’t. It haunts her brain, and that man with the mask, that dammed man with the button-eyed mask. She screamed and punched the wall. Crying in her room, until, she heard her phone begin to ring, and turned her head towards it. Slowly lifting it from the ground. “ Unknown caller?” she put it to her ear after tapping the answer button. All She heard was a tape recorder be rewound and speaking “Do you believe in ’karma’, Alina?” she froze, hearing the words from the phone. As she began to shake in fear, and confusion “well, Karma tends to dislike people like you, Liars, Unappreciative… Though I'm sure you already knew that…” the tape continued as she threw it across the room.

“Who are you!!” she shouted at the phone. Staring down at it, she sees a message pop up on the screen “I’m ‘natures karma’, my name Is not needed, some manage to outrun ‘karma’ but some are less fortunate, I give you a five-second head start...Lights out…” the lights then flickered off, Alina began to panic, she was home alone today, what could she do. She picked up the phone and jumped from her window running to hide in the forest within the perimeter of her house. Holding her breath. Receiving a call from the number again.

Which she declined keeping her mouth covered. Closing her eyes as she tried to wait this out, she felt safe until she heard footsteps crunching within the leaves. She kept trying to move her hiding spot to keep herself hidden, this went on for hours until one of the movements, she could not get up, her leg had gotten got within the roots of the tree. So all she could do was beg she wouldn't be found. overhearing the same tape recorder voice in the distance.

“You know Alina, you are selfish…you’ve stolen important things the past few days… happiness, self-love, I could go on… yet... you still play hide and seek with ‘karma’ `` the voice spoke as her eyes welled up with tears as she heard the footsteps approach seeing the same boy from before appear behind her ``Found you….`` The tape spoke.

Her screams were cut short by a handcrafted blade stabbed into her neck. The first thing she saw was the boy's mask as her sight faded to darkness. She could see this exactly. The boy stared at her. and stood up holding a polaroid of her face from where she was across the road and crossed it out with a red marker. The last thing she saw was him adding it to the stack of polaroids from his bag and hearing the boy's real voice say, ``no one can outrun ’karma’.`` then the blackened silence of death...

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