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Newsclippings (Unfinished Draft 1)[]


Clover "FlegPeg” Varela



Okay, for starters, I'm now writing three books in one.The Coughing Man, The Treasure of the Inuit, and this. These stories are all in the same universe by the way, as George Brögvich, who is the main character is the brother of Mr. Brögovich from The Coughing Man. And also if I can say one thing about this story, it's that I LOVE how it's going, so enough about me, let's get to the story.

Chapter One - Primed and Valiant

April 26th 1951

Detective George Brögovich is a rookie of the Kirkland Washington PD. A year ago his brother died to Cancer, suspected to be infected with it by the so-called Coughing Man. He read in the newspaper that The Coughing Man was still on the loose. He doesn't think about it or he'll start to cry. He arrived at the police station every morning at the same time every day, 10:05 AM. He gets to his desk and starts tuning his radio. He settled on 51.1 “Blusy Boozy”. They were playing Maybe by The Ink Spots. He liked The Ink Spots, His favourite singer was Hoppy Jones. He didn’t know why, he just is. He jammed out to the song while doing paperwork. About five songs later an alert came on the radio “Pardon the interruption, but I’ve just received word a dead body has been found in an alleyway in Grove Way.” The radio spokesman stated. "witnesses state a tall man with a trenchcoat and a fedora was the murderer, and we are awaiting for comment from the police." "Ooo sounds like a job for the rookie!" Officer Joan Farley teased. "Chief, how bout' it?" George asked. Chief Fenix Stephens was a man who held his priorities high and everything else later, he never got distracted. Although he’s still loving. “Though I would have a better suited detective I trust his guts. Brögovich! Welcome to the case.” George let out a whoop of joy.

When he got home his wife greeted him from the kitchen. “Hi hun, how was work?” “Great! Fenix gave me the lead role in the case!” “No way! That’s wonderful!” “Well enough about me, how's Eric and Valerie?” “They're upstairs doing their homeworks.” “And how was your day?” “Fantastic! Eric got an A+ in Arithmetic, and as always Valerie has straight A’s.” “Terrific!” They had the standard Nuclear Family, Annie Brögovich has been married to George for nineteen years, their anniversary is in a few weeks. George’s kids Eric and Valerie were both 11. Valerie is older by an hour. Valerie has had straight A’s since kindergarten. And doesn’t plan on stopping. Her dream is to be a Lawyer. Eric is the younger brother. He is a B, C+ student with A’s here and there. He was a tad bit overweight, as he focused on academics and didn’t exercise. He never let his weight get in the way of his life. George admired him for that. Eric’s dream is to touch that rock in space they call the moon. George went up the stairs and knocked on both of their doors at the same time. They both opened the doors and saw him and hugged him. “Daddy you’re back!” They said in unison. “Hello there children!” George replied. “I need you to go do something for daddy Eric.” “What is it Dad?” “I need you to get me the paper, can ya do it?” “Sure!” George gives him a dollar for something small and the twenty five cent fee for the paper and Eric leaves. When Eric comes back he’s holding the paper and an Ice Cream cone. Eric gives George the paper. “Thanks boy! How bout’ another dollar for ya service? George gives him a dollar and Eric leaves in awe. George gets scissors and cuts out the pictures and articles of the murder. People are calling him The Shadow. The body was identified as one Christopher Rolland. He worked in a wine refinery. He had three children and no wife; she died in a car crash.

He cleared out his pin board, which was as big as his wall. He put the picture up in the middle of the board, He set up his first leads, Grove way, that’s where the body was found. Autopsie stated he was stabbed to death and had portions of his skin cut off, presumably eaten as the pieces can’t be found near his body. Witness accounts state it was a man, who was atleast five foot six. He wrote that down and put it on the board. Dingdong! The doorbell rang and Annie answered it. It was Joanne and Harold Parker. They baked a pie for George for protecting the town. Harold and him are good friends. Along with Matt Sköla, Zack Lou, John White, and Derrick-Owen Smith. Harold is a Store clerk, Matt is a Waiter, Zack is a Taxi driver, Derrick is a Construction worker, and John is a stay at home father of three. George accepted the pie and went back to the board with it.

“Whoever the shadow is, he’s damn good at getting away. Grove was busy as hell.” George said to himself. He pinned that down. George stayed up all night, pinning down the slightest thought he had. The thing about him that makes him stand out from other detectives is that he has an amazing imagination. He put himself in The Shadow’s shoes. Slashing and swinging the imaginary knife at the imaginary victim the way the shadow was said too from the autopsy. Cutting off skin tissue and muscle to eat. And walking off calmly and disappearing like that. His face wasn’t seen because it was dark. But people said he was dressed in a grey trench coat and fedora. So he pinned it down. “George, it’s twelve o’ clock! Get some rest!” “Alright, I suppose.” “Swell.” Annie turns the light off and they go to sleep.

Chapter 2 - Drained and Vigilant

April 27th 1951

“BREAKING NEWS: Five men have been found dead in the alleyway near Lemmon Avenue. They all appear to have been stabbed in both lungs, their hearts are gone, as well as their skin. Again, the witnesses state it was The Shadow! Police advise you to call if you see any men wearing a grey trench coat and fedora. Police also say they gave the case to young George Brögovich. Back to the songs.” George woke up and turned the radio off after it played “Address Unknown” by The Ink Spots.

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