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I have always loved Anime. I always have. I am just a weeaboo. I love to go to Anime Cons. I love to watch Anime. My book report are on manga. I have in fact changed my name to Nezuko, and am learning Japanese so I can go live in Japan. However, this is looked down upon. They think I have an obsession. I think not. I am just a hardcore weeaboo. I am in fact saving up for plastic surgery so I can look like an Anime character.

My boyfriend recently dumped me. He likes Anime, but he hates my obsession. I wanted him to in fact spend money on plastic surgery so he can look like Sasuke Uchiha or Mirio Togata. This just pissed him off. So he dumped me. I don't get why everyone hates me. Or at least my obsession. It is what it is. I like Anime. I don't get how Liv and Maddie or iCarly is entertaining. I find those Nick shows as the most garbage shows in existence.

Today, I got on the bus to get to school. I live in Westwood Highlands in San Francisco, and my school, Abraham Lincoln Highschool in Sunset District, is only around two miles away. It took a while. On the bus, I sat down and talked with my childhood friend, Akio Toriyama. Even though he is Japanese, he does not like Anime as much as I do. He is more of a nerd, but at least has more of a cool factor than me.

On the way, I was sitting next to Akio, when he told me to give up this "obsession" of mine. I told him there was no way I would get rid of it. He then said I should at least get rid of the part where I would take plastic surgery and tone down my "obsession". I told him no way. He then said he would get rid of me. He then told me I was a nusiance. I told him not everyone thinks that. he said everyone does.

Those words bit me like a tiger. Everyone hates my weebness. Everyone does not like me over the simple fact that I like Anime. Or I should say love. There is a creepy kid who has read all the Creepypastas and looks like he might be responsible for three murders. On the other hand, I am kind and caring. I can cook all the dishes in Food Wars: Shougeki no Soma, and I like to help hurt animals reach shelters.

At school, I decided to ask who thinks I am a nuisance and who does not. I first asked Masahiro, one of the popular kids. He said he hates my so called obsession. he told me that liking Anime is okay, but being obssessed is not. I then pressed on Sohaik, Rohav, Jonathan, and Arnav the nerd. They all said the same thing as Masahiro. On the way home, I just looked out the window. I was hoping to find Sarella, my best friend.

Sarella was my best friend until last year. At the Aptos Middle School graduation, she told me that she was moving to a place in the northern part of the city. I do not think so. I know that she might be here. After all, I met her last week, when she was here for a dance competition. Then I got a text from her. She was coming in one week, as her dance group relocated in Sunset District, the district where my highschool is.

The next day, I saw Akio get on his E-Bike. I tried to ask him for a ride, as I have seen him do it with other friends, but he refused. Since our small argument made me miss the bus, I had to walk to school. As a result, I got tardy and had to serve detention. So Akio was right about me being a nuisance. I felt betrayed. At school, we have a new student. His name is Sasuke Uchida, and he sounds and looks an awful a lot like Sasuke Uchiha. At detention, while I was getting harassed, I saw Sasuke staring at me, his eys glowing red. After detention, I took an Uber home. On the way, I saw Sasuke, with a sword on his back, glaring at me.

The next day, I was close to the amount needed for plastic surgery. I knew if I wanted to accomplish my dream of being an Anime character, I had to make this big step. The leftover cash could be used for a TaoTao Moped, in which I could zip around San Francisco in it. I could also paint it red or pink. This time, I decided to wake up early so I could study for the test. After studying, I took the bus, as usual. At school, I finished the test with ease. However, I did not get the top score, as announced by the teacher. This was unusual. The top place winner was in fact Sasuke. But Sasuke had only relocated from Japan a few days ago. This was strange. On the bus home, I could see him doing parkour on San Francisco rooftops. Even more strange.

I started to think that Sasuke could actually be Sasuke Uchiha. He is smart, somewhat creepy, has a sword, and can do parkour. He was also wearing a modern version of his Shippuden outfit. On his first day he was wearing black.

Since I just got enough money for the Anime plastic surgery just today, I scheduled an appointment. Which is day after tomorrow. I have to meet up with Aric Okamoto tomorrow in Fremont. So I decided to go to Wal-Mart and get that moped. Then I drove that moped home. I did a little bit of research about Sasuke Uchida, and I found out about Kurama sightings. He seemed to be there, so I decided to track the sightings. there were sightings of the Kurama near French Gulch, up in Shasta County, in the really north of California. Then I found out that two people had died in Redding after being mauled by an animal. Another sighting was reported in Tahoe, and the last one near Clear Lake. Then it goes to Santa Rosa, where it apparently mauled a few more people. Then it goes to Point Reyes, and then Mill Valley. Mill Valley is just north of here. In Marin. It will be a matter of time before it reaches San Francisco.

I drove my moped to school and I wondered, was Sasuke here to kill Kurama. As at 4 PM today was my appointment, I was pretty cheery in school. I did not notice Sasuke or Akio or Masahiro. When Rochelin Hsieh came over to pick on me, she gave up because I was too happy to bully. As the Dr. Okamoto's office was in Fremont, which is around 30 miles away, I had to take the BART to Central Fremont, and walk a mile. The second school let out, I drove the moped to the Glen Park BART Station, and after a while, it stopped at the West Oakland Station.

At the West Oakland Station, some homeless bum entered the BART. I first did not object, only to object two seconds later as I saw he had a Karambit in his pocket. I honestly do not know or do not care on how he brought the weapon in. All I am concerned about is that this creepy homeless bum, who eerily looked a lot like Afro Samurai, won't jab at me. He gets on the BART without any hassle, and surprisingly, stayed quiet. 3/4's of the ride from Coliseum to San Leandro, this man starts acting crazy. It starts with random shouts, then swears, and then insults. Then he tries to assault me, calling me a stupid weeb. I kicked back in retialiation, telling him to piss off and mind his own business, when the train stopped at San Leandro. He then breaks the doors on one of the trains before it can open, and throws a grenade. It blows up, and everyone ducks for cover.

As the chaos is ensuing, I had to leave the station, and get an Uber to Fremont. As I see Yasuke (I think that was the original Japanese name) throw another grenade, my Uber speeds off. Then Yasuke crumples, and I think he dies. Then there are a few bullets directed to me, and the Uber accelerates.

Amazingly, we reached Dr Okamoto's clinic 20 minutes before my appointment. During those 20 minutes, some people looked at me like "Really?". After the wait, I showed my fake I.D. and Birth Certificate to Okamoto, as I was a minor and I needed someone over the age of 18 to supervise. I showed Dr. Okamoto what I wanted to look like. I showed him a picture of Zero Two, the main character of Darling in the Franxx. He looked shocked. He asked me, "Is that really what you want?". I replied with a yes. After a few hours, the surgery was over.

Upon seeing myself, I was happy. I looked good. I then took another Uber to a Motel 6. My Fake I.Ds also had some use here. At the counter, one the cashiers looked really weirded out. While she was processing me, the other cashier was just looking at me. While I was waiting, he was staring at me. He looked awful a lot like Light Yagami. I however, did not pay any attention. When she was done, she handed me the keys to my hotel. I watched some T.V., but then I went on Crunchyroll and binged on Hunter × Hunter. When I was ready to sleep, I saw blood. Not a little, but a lot. I do not know what happened here, but it looked like either someone went on her period, or someone died here.

I fainted after seeing that horrible sight, and I woke up after a few hours. I looked at the time. It was 9 AM. I went to the Union City Station and took the BART back to San Francisco. When I was waiting at Fruitvale Station, I saw the deflated version of All Might. That was already shocking. His eyes were the most blood red they could ever be. Then I saw Yasuke enter. All Might held his hand, and they entered the train. What! Wasn't Yasuke dead? He was killed by a sniper wasn't he? I literally saw him die by own eyes. His eyes were even more red than All Might's. Then they both looked at me. They were both gay? They stared at me, so I switched two cars over.

After reaching home, I binged on Anime, made some Instant Ramen, played some Jump Force, and binged on even more Anime. Then I spent an hour watching Anime theories on YouTube. When I went to hit the sack, I saw Sasuke, just standing outside my home. He was not staring at me. It looked like he was just there. Then I saw a dark purple aura coming out of him. I knew this was not good.

Then suddenly, he saw me and threw a kunai with a note at my window. I opened my window and read the note. It read,"I know who you are. I have been stalking you and gathering details. You are the obstacle in this great plan.". What plan? What was this plan? Was it to unleash the Kurama onto San Francisco? What was the plan here? He then just teleported away.

I woke up the next day, just in time for school. As my moped was out gas, I decided to get some for it after school. I got on the bus. The moment I got on, everyone's attention, including the driver's just shifted onto me. I thought it was just to appreciate the beauty of real life Zero Two. Then suddenly, Rohav blurted out, "You should have never taken plastic surgery! You look ugly as hell!". Then they all started to agree with him and then they laughed at me. The driver, rather than defending me or helping, started to laugh too, and then he kicked me out of the bus. The bus rolled away, and it splashed a puddle, which flew onto me. He just kicked me and left me stranded! What kind of person does that?

While walking, people would often point at me and often called me ugly. One guy in fact even through shit at me. Like the actual poo-poo. It was humiliating. Then when I entered school 30 minutes late, I was given lunch detention and two hours of detention for being tardy. Then I walked into class, and everyone laughed at me. The teacher then kicked me out. Same for the next three classes after that.

Then lunch kicked in. On my way to the detention room, the Sexy Seven, which is a group of attractive boys and girls came over to me. I thought they would defend me. But then I saw Rohav with them, and remembered he was part of the group. I was wrong to think they were here to defend me. They in fact bullied me more than anyone else did. Annieko chimed in with, "Oh stupid loser, you thought looking like Zero Two made you cool?". Rohav then called me very bad and derogatory slurs. All the Seven did was sit back and watch. I then got slapped by Sadie, and they left.

That incident made me run out of the school. I ran and ran and ran. While I was running, a random book fell from the sky. It was skinny and it was black. When it fell, it hit me on the head. I fell down, and I got back up. I picked up the book. It was a Deathnote. It in it, there was a note that read "Look to your right.". I did, and I found Light Yagami's body in locked alleyway. It then hit me that this dude was the cashier who was staring at me. This must have meant that he could have killed himself in my room. Why did he appear here? I looked around, and saw Martha's and Bros. Coffee Co. Then I saw the Ellsworth and Cortland intersection. Across from Martha's and Bros, I saw St. Kevins Catholic Church. Then I realized I was in Bernal Heights. 5 miles from my school.

Light suddenly wakes up. He bangs on the locked door. I try to back away. He then kicks out the door. Now I know this is not going to end good. He picks up the door and throws it at me. It misses, but it hits the church across the street. I run across, and Light follows me. While runiing, a dollar van comes speeding out of nowhere. it hits Light, and it speeds off.

I started to run back as I was already trying to comprehend what happening. I went on Cortland Avenue, took a left to Holly Park. There I saw Korosensei, the homeroom teacher from Assassination Classroom, but I paid no attention. I crossed the extremely busy San Jose Avenue, and went on Arlington Avenue. After a while, I saw myself running on Monterey Boulevard. While running, I got in the face with shit. The same person who through shit at me the last time came again, and he called out "Hey! Two Shit! You have Zero Points! Lol lol lol!". He then threw another piece of shit at me. I found a dog poop box, pulled it out, and threw it back at him.

What happened next was a shit ball battle. We threw poop at each other until one won. Then he ruined it for himself. He insulted Anime, so I threw a rock at his car. This made him mad, so he walked out of the car. He then came to punch me, but I assaulted him. I beat him and beat him and beat him. Someone saw this and called the police. He was charged with social misconduct and was freed on bail. His bail? $50. I however, was charged with Social Misconduct, Truancy, and Aggravated Assault. My bail? $500. Some unknown figure came in. This happened after the other person was bailed out. This happened three hours later. He looked like Deku. He bailed me, and I had to walk a mile from Ingleside Station to my home.

When I reached home, mom was waiting for me. She called out, "Tamara! What is going on? What did you do to your face? Anyway, the principal called. She said that you ran out of school. She said that you skipped lunch detention, and you also did that with detention. I then got a call that you got arrested! What! What is this? Then after that, the school said you got expelled! What is this! You are not the Tamara I know!"

I replied with, "I am no longer Tamara. I am Nezuko! I just love Anime! It was not even my fault. The other person pulled up in his car, and he was throwing shit one me! I just threw back! The cops charged me wrong! I had a bad day today!"

She then snapped, "Why did you not tell us? Besides, what did you do to your face? Why would you do that? Where did you get the money? And who's moped is that? Did you steal it?"

"No mom. I paid for both myself."

"Then who bailed you. Your secret boyfriend?"

"No. I think it was an Anime character."

"You are delusional! Anime is not real! It! Is! Fake! It is fake! You are insane! Are you sure you are not just seeing anything!"

"No! I am telling the truth!"

"Stop lying! Just wait when the rest of the family come home. I will tell them everything. Everything that happened today."

Mom then took me to my room. In her rage, she took all my Anime merchandise and destroyed it. For my cosplay clothes, she took it and burned it. She then took my electronics. Then she found my manga. She burned that too. After a while, my room resembled a prison cell.

"Mom why!"

"I am sorry, it had to come this. I would not have done this if you could tell the difference between real and fake. I do not what to do with you."


"Sorry. Since someone bailed you, I will jail you. You will be here until you can accept the fine line between reality and Anime."


"Sorry for this. I am truly sorry. We will raise you better."

Now I was stuck here. After two hours, Dad came home, along with my brother, sisters, and my dog. They started to discuss on what to do with me.

"Maybe we should send her pa's farm in Gilbert, Iowa." chimed in my dad.

"No, I think a mental asylum is right for her. She can't tell the difference between that Anime and reality." replied mom.

"Well, an asylum! That is too bad. Maybe working on a farm will instill discipline in that stupid brain of hers."

"Hmm. Let us just fix that face of hers first."

"Wait let me see how it looks like." said dad.

Dad then walked up the stairs to my room and he unlocked the door. I turned around. He then saw my face. He first screamed in shock. Then he had to come to terms that I looked like Anime character. My siblings looked at me. Same reaction as dad. My dog, Scruffy Spot, could not recognize me at first. After smelling me, he also looked shocked and confused.

Mom then said, "Tamara, who was the plastic surgeon you went to?"

"I went Dr. Aric Okamoto's office."

"Dr. Okamoto. Where is his office?"

"Fremont, California."

"Fremont? Are you actually serious?"

"Yes. I took the BART there."

"Hmm. We will go back to reverse the changes that happened to your face. We never told you, but in two weeks, we are moving. After we change you, you will go back to being Tamara, and you will restart your life in Austin, Texas."

"No! I will not go to Austin! Neither will I change my face! Not right now!"

"Well, your sentence here increases. Sorry, life is not fair."

While I was in my room, locked up. My family went on with life. They went on as if I was not there. They cooked food, and from what I could tell, they were going to eat turkey. For me, they gave me canned beans. This continued for a week. They had a good dinner, and I got canned food.

Now that a week had passed, I was ready to escape. My plan was to go Oakland. I heard it was dangerous there. My plan was to live there until I was 18. That would happen in 3 years.

While I was planning, I heard a growl. A very scary growl. From what I could tell, that was not Scruffy Spot. Could that be the Kurama. I decided to pay it no more attention though. After I decided that, I heard a scream, and some swears from the living room.

I jumped down from the window, and barged in from the sliding door in the living room. I saw the worst sight. Almost all of my family, except my older brother, had been killed. The only other living thing here besides my brother and I was Scruffy Spot, our dog. Then I looked at the monster. It was the Kurama! The Nine-tailed Fox! That monster then picked Scruffy, ripped it, and ate some parts of him. I screamed.

"Tamara! Get the hell away from here!" screamed my brother.

"No! Jonny! No way! That is a Kurama. Hit it in the face! I might get hurt! Then run!" I replied.

Before my brother could react, the monster ripped him and also ate a lot of him. I screamed. The monster ran after me. I went around the house and took my brother's FJ Cruiser. I drove it and drove it out of the neighborhood. Now I was driving on Portola Dr. I was speeding over the speed limit. The Kurama was now jumping from car to car. It was getting frustrated so it picked up a car and threw it block me from escaping. I used one of the cars as a ramp to escape, and accelerated even faster.

Now I was on Market Street. The Kurama picked up the Supreme sign from their store, and threw at the car. This time he got a direct hit. The car was sent flying to the store on the other side of the street. I got out of the car, with blood dripping out. Out of nowhere, I saw Sasuke driving a Kawasaki motorbike.

What happened was battle between him and the Kurama. The Kurama killed countless of people and it was growing bigger and bigger. All I could do was watch. Sasuke took a jab. The Kurama looked like it was hurt. He then slashed it even more. The Kurama collapsed.

I thanked Sasuke, but that was too early. The Kurama regained strength, and it pulled out a store, and threw it away. Soon there was fire around this area.

Sasuke used his Rinnegan. Finally. He was going to save us. He used it and found the weak points of Kurama. After jabbing very fast at those weak points, the Kurama fell. Sasuke was hailed as a hero. At least by me.

Then Sasuke walked over. He kicked me. I was shocked.

"What are you doing?" I asked Sasuke.

"Well, I am a bad guy." replied Sasuke.

"No you aren't!"

"I am. This place would look like a good home for the future Uchiha to come. I borrowed Kurama from Naruto. He was okay with me destroying this place. Kurama is not dead. It will destroy this place more.

Sasuke brandished his sword. He then beheaded me.

I learned what dying felt like. While in heaven, I regained my normal look. I decided as I could reincarnate, I could finally be Japanese. I did not get what I asked for.

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Same as the bakuhatsu666 Pasta; awkward wording, and grammar mistakes. Needs a lot of redoing, and polishing. This obsession is too much and feels stupid and unrealistic, like can you even make yourself look like an anime character? To me, this doesn't qualify as a good read or even creepy. The start was fine but it then became boring, and I was confused at the ending.

Don't click here. There is nothing to see. 08:09, 4 December 2020 (UTC)