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Old Computer Ritual[]

This is the first creepypasta I've written for this site, so please be honest with your feedback. :)

Are you lonely? Do you have nobody to talk to, or hang out with? Then the Old Computer Ritual is just for you.

If you are not interested in performing this ritual, stop reading, and immediately exit the tab. The ritual starts the moment you begin reading the list of steps. So, if you'd like your life to remain normal, please exit the page. Improper execution of the ritual may end in death, and there are high chances that something may go wrong. If you would like to begin the ritual, continue reading;

To complete this ritual properly, here are the objects you must have in your possesion:

-An old Windows computer that you no longer use in favor of a newer one you bought. Its operating system must be outdated in some way, and must be able to take a floppy disk. It does not matter if the computer is broken, it will work for this ritual.

-Any type of salt. The amount must be enough to surround the computer with a circle.

-Any type of wine, and a wine glass. It does not have to be fancy, but you must have a decent amount of wine, enough to fill the wine glass to a reasonable level.

-9 red candles.

Now that you are aware of the ritual's existence, and the steps required to complete it, tomorrow, you will wake up, and nothing will have changed. However, at exactly 1:51 PM in your timezone, you will hear a knock on your front door. No matter what you hear outside of the door, do not open it. If you had guests coming over at this particular time, it's not them. Do not open the door.

Wait until 2:00 PM. You will hear footsteps indicating that the being has left your house. Once the footsteps have become inaudible, it is safe to open the door. You will notice a very small package. Inside should be a red floppy disk, unlabelled, and in seemingly pristine condition.

If you do not have an old computer inside the house, upon opening the box, you will see nothing. The next day, you will have disappeared, and no one will know where you went.

If you do not have any sort of wine in the house, the floppy disk will instead be blue. Upon loading the contents of the floppy disk, you will disappear the next day. Eventually your corpse will be found pinned to the front door of the house.

If you do not have any sort of salt and/or candles in the house, there will be no box, and nothing will happen to you. This will end the ritual.

If you do open the box and find a red floppy disk, it is safe to continue the ritual. Bring the old computer to where the newer one is. Remove the newer computer from the area and replace it with the older computer.

Surround the computer in a circle of salt (this includes other components such as the keyboard, mouse, and monitor). This will prevent anything from inside the computer getting out. Afterwards, boot up the computer (if it was broken, it will boot up anyways) and disconnect it from the internet if it is already connected. Fill the wine glass to a reasonable level, and place it in front of the monitor. Finally, you may insert the floppy disk.

After the computer finishes processing the disk, a folder will pop up, regardless of how your operating system is configured to load floppy disks. There will be one or two .JPEG images. Do not view them. They are cursed files. They will not have thumbnails.

Instead, place the red candles around the circle of salt and light them all. You will see an executable file inside of the folder that wasn't there before. Do not launch it. It is a cursed file. Instead, turn so that you are facing away from the computer. Do not turn around. Say out loud:

"I am lonely and I wish to talk."

Exactly 5 seconds after you speak the words, you will hear one of 3 things:

You will hear the computer turn itself off. If this happens, destroy the computer as soon as possible. This will end the ritual.

You will hear the computer's fan increase to a high speed indicating it is attempting to load an extremely large file. If this happens, you must unplug the computer immediately. Do not look at the monitor. Keep it completely out of view. This will end the ritual. Do not under any circumstances ever start the computer again.

You will hear a loud "click" behind you. This indicates the process was sucessful and you may then turn around.

The wine glass will be empty, and displayed on the monitor will be an input box prompting you to enter your full name. Whatever you do, do not input your real name. Instead, input a convincing alias (Names like "Holly F. Schitt" won't work; it'll just kill the program and perhaps you) and wait for it to finish processing the name. Afterwards, a window, resembling a chatting application, will appear.

You will be chatting with another "person", nearly identical to you in personality, almost every aspect of them being in common with you. When you choose to end the chat, say "Thank you for talking with me, I would like to go now." The program will close and the computer will then freeze. Turn the computer off, and snuff out the candles. You are safe to move the computer elsewhere. It is preferred that you do not store it in your house after the ritual.

If the lights begin flickering after you turn the computer off, destroy and burn the computer immediately. If you fail to do so, you will black out. Everything will be gone except for your consciousness. Eventually, you will find yourself in front of a computer, deserted in a black void.

You will be prompted to chat with a person, nearly identical to you in every aspect regarding their personality.

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