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Our Bloody Ocean (Draft 1)[]

So, I was bored out of my mind just thinking of things to do, and I thought of getting Subnautica but I was broke so I found one on a 3rd party reseller website for 2 dollars. And I thought that was reasonable, so I bought it and waited for the delivery. I got the package, it looked normal. So, I went to boot up my Xbox one and put the disc in and decided to load it up. The colors were jumbled up a bit, the ocean looked a bit orange, and the sky was vomit green. I thought it was a glitch, and continued, the game was working fine until I got to the part where I scanned a Stalker Egg. The description said, “congrats you are killing the ocean, throwing it off balance. You will pay for your sins.”. I was just confused thinking someone hacked it for a joke. But I played and got deeper and deeper, getting redder and blooder. I find a leviathan looking in pain in a magma section, I get the option. The X button switching to the option disrupt the balance. But in the game, I could only choose to disrupt and the longer I was there the longer my insides were frying from the inside. I just heard its cry’s sound so real. Then it got louder so I muted my tv. But it wasn’t getting quiet, as my ears almost burst, the only thing that made it better was shutting off my console. I was tired of this and checked outside to see how the weather was. And someone was looking at me. I was confused, thinking some new person probably moved in and needed something from me, so I asked him what he needed. He just said, “life moves on after mistakes. But yours will be made up for in hell”. And walked away as I checked him, he just disappeared. So, I thought about these weird events happening. Just brushing it off as a weird neighbor and a modded copy. But that can't explain why the cries were still playing even after all the sound settings were off and the burning, but I can't just linger on that, so went to bed. I felt my ear having a sharp pain, as the blood went into my ear making my hearing messed up. I saw some shadow-like figure, hushing at me as I could not move. Hearing my Xbox Subnautica playing, I was just trying to move but the blood loss was getting worse as my lungs were filling up with blood almost drowning from the inside, as I get the strength to get up get a knife from the kitchen and try to stab the figures I collapse, as a voice was saying. Your lungs are now like our bloody ocean. (I'm not really good at making long stories.)

(Hamalise (talk) 20:30, 22 June 2024 (UTC))

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