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Painting Liquid[]

It's been years ever since Greyson's death. His family is still in pain. His girlfriend was deeply in sorrow that she didn't come to school for weeks now.

Greyson committed suicide by jumping off from the school's rooftop. Further investigations and several interrogations from the police have shown that this was the cause of bullying. But, I know why he had to jump off the rooftop, it was indeed bullying, but there is another reason he had to kill himself.

On July 15th, the police had arrested Greyson's parents, or that's who we thoughted was his parents, turns out, this couple was actually kidnappers who took Greyson away from his real birth parents when he was a child. According to the police, Greyson have told me, this couple once have a son. However, unfortunately for the infant, it was dead due to suffering an unknown disease after their birth, this devastated Greyson's fake parents, and because they couldn't let go of the fact their son is dead, they stole Greyson from the hospital, and went into hiding.

Greyson apparently develops a more cynical, and depressed nature the moment he finds out that his real parents are dead because of an car accident. Which, led to his death because of realizing that there is nothing he could live for the rest of his life.

We intended his funeral, and a few weeks later, Jenny transferred to a different school so she could forget all the pain from the loss of her boyfriend. I understand that we still keep in contact with each other.

Well, that was until I met "him," a few days have passed ever since Jenny has moved to a different school. I've recently gone on a Summer vacation with my family to Canada, one of our relatives, my uncle lives there with his wife, and two children.

During the night, when I just got back to the hotel after saying I wasn't going to have dinner with my family, to my shock, I found a strange man that is hiding his face underneath a hoodie sitting on the nearby couch in our room.

"Who are you?! And what the hell are you doing in here?!" I asked.

"Fear not, I'm not gonna hurt you," the man said in a low raspy voice.

"What? What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You may not know me, but I know you. I know everything about you, your past lives, your family, your friends, the places of your relatives, and where you live," the man said.

"What the hell do you want?!" I asked.

"It's obvious. I want to make a deal. I recently heard that a friend of yours have died, right?" he asked.

"What are you trying to say? What kind of bullshit is this?" I asked.

Before I could say a thing, the light in my room started to flicker. The man got up and pulled his hoodie off, revealing that it was a shadowy figure devoid of all kinds of facial features. It has no eyes, nose, ears, and hair. The only thing I could see is a jagged mouth that is glowing in blue.

"Now, shall we continue?" it asked.

"Who are you?" I asked again while shivering.

"Oh, sorry, It's such rude not to introduce myself. I am the Elder Lich, also known as Cosmic Death," the Elder Lich said.

"What?" I asked.

"Haven't you heard of Death? Do you the god of death, the grim reaper?" it asked.

"Are you Death?" I asked.

"Cosmic Death, not Death," it said.

"What do you want from me? Are you here to take my soul?" I shivered in fear and asked it.

The so-called "Cosmic Death" immediately walked and sat back on the couch. He looked right at me with a mischievous smile.

"Oh, no, I came here because, as I said, I want to make a deal; I want to bring your friend back from the dead," said Elder Lich.

"Back to life? Are you saying that you can resurrect Greyson back from the dead?" I asked.

"Indeed I can, only if you agreed to our deal," said Elder Lich.

"Deal? What deal?" I asked.

"Don't worry, nobody has to die, not innocent lives," it speaks in a tuneless and broken voice.

I take some time to think of my decision. I suddenly started to remember Jenny's sadness over the loss of her lover, he is Jenny's world, and she is his world too. I don't have any chance, he was my closest friend too. I turned around and faced the Cosmic Death.

"All right, what is it that you want?" I asked.

"Great, shake my hand, that's all. I'm just a cosmic being who wants to help others out of joy, and I love humans," said Elder Lich.

I slowly raise my hand forward and shakes its hand.

"Very well, the deal is formed, although I was planning to revive him back from the dead without your permission, but, since you've allowed me based on your caring for his girlfriend, I guess you do have a good heart after all, now, I will be get going," said Elder Lich.

Just that he disappears from the room, never to be seen again, a while after that confrontation. However, nothing changed over the past few weeks. The school, his family, Jenny, and I haven't seen him. I thought Elder Lich was supposed to revive him from the dead, then when would that happen?

I was walking my way down the streets back to my home when suddenly, I got a phone call coming from Jenny.

"What's up? I haven't seen you contacting me for a while now, is there something you wanna talk about?" I asked.

My expression suddenly changes as she told me that Greyson's body is nowhere to be found, I rushed to the church, and when I got there, I saw Greyson's parents and Jenny standing there and looking at an open coffin. I walked over and took a look. To my surprise, there was no one in there except for dirt.

I couldn't believe it; The Elder Lich did it, he revived Greyson back from the dead, but where is he?

The police later arrived and launched an investigation. There were no clues of whoever has taken his body away, but one thing for sure, I know he's alive now, but what is he doing now? Could the Elder Lich be keeping him?

A few days later, I was walking home after a long party I had at Jim's house, I saw a strange guy who walks right in front of me, he was wearing a bartender suit that is covered in color substances dripping off, it's like he just recently finished a game of paintball war.

His face looks identical to that of Greyson. He is good-looking and is seen wearing a pair of red glasses. He is smiling at me mischievously.

"Uh, may I help you?" I asked.

"Woah, that's a shame, you don't remember me, Danny?" the guy asked.

"W-what? G-Greyson?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's me here. I stop by and see how are you doing, my old friend," he said.

"Greyson, what happened to you?" I asked.

"Well, frankly, I recently was revived back from the dead by an old man, well, I guess you've met him, but, it doesn't matter, I felt like he's okay, but a bit annoying if you ask me," he said while turning away and look at the skies.

"Huh? Grey, what the hell is that on your hand?" I asked.

Greyson turns around and stares at me. He suddenly gave me a creepy smile.

"Huh? You wanna know what this is?" Greyson asked.

From a matter of seconds, my face turned pale in horror of what I'm seeing. Greyson is holding a dead human head in his right hand.

"Well, don't get the big deal, this guy deserves to die, Emmet Wardwell, he is part of a dangerous mafia-gang that rules over the slums down the city of Canto, Ohio, they've established a rule in which those who revolt against them would be killed immediately, as long as nobody tries to interfere their business, they are all safe, but the townspeople lived in fear, it was my decision to get rid of that mafia-gang, and end their horrifying deeds," said Greyson as he dropped the head of the dead man on the ground.

Beside Greyson suddenly appeared the Elder Lich.

"Hello, did yah miss me?" Elder Lich asked.

"You?! W-what the heck! T-This wasn't a part of the deal. You just made my friend convicted of murder," I said.

"Somebody didn't understand my words, huh?" The Elder Lich just laughed at my confusion. But, I later found out what it meant. Before the deal was made, it said, "Don't worry, nobody has to die, not innocent lives," Elder Lich said only innocent lives don't have to die, but those who are sinners must.

Elder Lich immediately hands me a contract that he was supposed to after our deal. I read the whole thing, and that's when I noticed it.

As the permission of one of the dead soul's familiars, I hereby resurrect this mortal back from the dead. However, he must obey the following conditions.

  1. The resurrected soul feels free to do anything they want. Their freedom and lifespan aren't bound with anything at all, even me, so even if I'm dead, they, their freedom and powers, won't perish from existence.
  2. Each day, they have to kill at least three sinners and banished their souls to the afterlife so they would face judgment. To know which individual is a sinner, the resurrected soul was given a vision in which they would see other's souls. If the mortal's soul is pure gold, they are pure good, but if the mortal's soul is pitch black, it means they are pure evil and are their targets to kill.
  3. Noted that you are strictly forbidden not to murder an individual with a soul that is half gold and half black. The individuals with these kinds of souls committed crimes, but they have good reasons why they should have.
  4. The resurrected soul is allowed to choose any power that can enable them to deal with any and every situation that gets in their way, be it having gods or some higher omnipotent life form's abilities.

Warning: DO NOT, and never attempt to break free from the contract, by those who are bounded with this contract means they have officially been resurrected by Cosmic Death, which according to the law book of Heaven, it invalids the rules of life, and death, meaning that these contract bounders have cheated fate, which is considered an unforgivable sin. As a punishment from the Heavens, they are never to be sent to neither Hell nor Heaven. They are instead sent to the dimension of the contract's owner after their death during the second life and strongly noted that the contract's owner would gain absolute ownership over you. This means even if you break free from the contract, you shall instantly suffer your punishment. However, there is a certain way to avoid this. The contract bounders have to kill at least three sinners from the mortal's realm and sent them to the afterlife. If they die on the same day when they murdered three sinners, they shall face judgment depending on their hearts, but if they failed, they shall become the slaves of Cosmic Death, and they have no chances in returning to Heaven.

I was the cause of him being like this. Greyson was resurrected and is now judged by the Heavens as a sinner because of this damn deal I've made for him to cheat on fate. The bloodshed is not on his hands, but even mine too.

"This isn't what I wanted to happened, but, I guess I must tell you the truth of why I wanted to help you," Elder Lich said.

The next thing made me stunned.

"About infinite light years ago, before the birth of creation, the council of cosmic neutrality, or what you now call cosmic entities, or cosmic gods, had me in-charge of creation, destruction, life, death, conceptual, totality, nothingness, and many more. I was creation itself. But it wasn't until one day, something arrive, it was an unseen fundamental force, it can do anything, and surpasses us in all levels, that day I lost my title as "Creation," and my only job is to manage what that unknown force had created, the balance of what its creations, I represent as the God of Death across the infinite dimensions, but as time passes by, more worlds are born, and I was overwhelmed by its inhabitants, some inhabitants within each of those worlds have the powers to potentially be apart of our system, but none could withstand us long enough to be offered that deal, others have valued their kind over us, and thus resulted in betrayals, which have lead us to forget of that deal.

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