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Psychosis and Mirrors dont mix well[]

“Madison, Right? Sorry, your other Therapist left, she is on maternity leave.”

“Yes, Madison. Madison Williams, and it's fine, really.”.

“Im Dr.Carter, but we don't need to focus on me right now. Madison, that month, it all happened, do you remember?”

“Yes, vividly.”

“Do you think you could start from the beginning, and tell me the events of those nights in order? Once I know what happened, we can go on with this appointment from there.”

“I'll try.”.

It was September 8th, 1986. I had just gotten home from school, and my mom was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. “Welcome home, Madi! How was school?” She had asked me, and i simply replied, as usual, “It was great mom! What's for dinner?”. That night, we were having Toasted Ravioli, leftovers from the night before. I put my schoolbag down and ran up to my room to change. My room was on the top floor of a three story house, but it was also close to the staircase, so it wasnt really hard to get to me. My family was very wealthy and esteemed at the time, so my room was full to the brim with dolls, clothes, you name it, I most likely had it. Me, being the spoiled little girl I was back then, always wanted more. I realized I had the lack of a mirror in my room and ran down the stairs, and into the kitchen. “ Momma, Momma! Can you please buy me a mirror?” I begged, my mother’s response was a yes, in the form of a sweet smile and a nod of her head. My father had walked in the door almost as soon as my mother nodded, and sat down at the dinner table with the daily paper in his hand. “Well, hello lovelies!” He smiled, I giggled and hugged his leg. “Hey papa! I'm gonna get a mirror!” My father laughed with me, and my mother soon joined in. Right then, right there, we were the perfect family. Dinner was normal, we told jokes, discussed school and work, and when all was said and done, we all went to bed.

The next morning, I went to school, like usual, and did what I was supposed to do. I was a generally well behaved girl in my classes, never spoke out, never did anything disrespectful. When I got home, I asked my mother the age-old question, “What's for dinner?” like usual, and when that was done, i ran to my room to change. When I opened my door, I found my father grinning warmly at me, next to a full length mirror with golden edges. “What do you think sweetie?” he had asked, but i was too absorbed in my own reflection. My 6 year old brain couldn't get enough of how pretty my reflection looked. My father smiled and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him. I finally had what I wanted, like usual. I sat there in front of the mirror for about 30 minutes, until my mother called me to dinner. I skipped down the stairs in glee, I sat down and had a nice dinner with my family, but then dad brought something up. “Did you know we found that beautiful mirror on the side of the road? And it's even in new condition! Who would want to throw away such a lovely mirror, right Madi?” I had never agreed with my father more, so I nodded my head vigorously and smiled. As dinner came to a close, I cleaned my plate and kissed my parents goodnight, even though I knew I wasn't sleeping that night.

I had a mirror in my bathroom, but having one in your bedroom that's full sized is apparently amazing to a six year old. I was up almost all night, admiring myself in the mirror until I was almost too tired to stand. I would try on my pretty dresses and cute clothes infront of it until I wanted to sleep. This happened to go on for days after I had gotten the mirror. Get home, change, admire self, eat, admire self again, sleep. That was my rinse and repeat cycle. About 2 weeks after I had gotten the mirror, I had become a lot more self absorbed, and sometimes, I would kiss the mirror and draw little hearts on it with my finger. Every night, I would draw a little heart over my chest on the mirror, always right before I went to bed, too. I never realized how detrimental this could be because of the damned mirror. I woke up that morning to notice a little heart-shaped bruise on my chest, but of course, I brushed it aside and called it a coincidence, because I move a lot in my sleep, especially when I was little.

I came home that evening and was doing my middle-of-the-night admiration of myself, and when I went to go draw the heart, I winced. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. My chest had a burning pain, and I could have sworn I felt and saw my fingertip go through the mirror. It felt like somebody had pushed their fingertip onto the little heart on my chest, which was now visibly more red. I pushed my fingertip onto a part of the mirror that I wasn't in, and it happened again. I saw and felt my finger go through the mirror. My mind was everywhere at once. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! Then, i made the dumb mistake of pushing my whole hand through.

I watched a hand just like mine pop out of the mirror in front of me, but when I tried to pull back and out of the mirror, I couldn't. My wrist was being held inside of the mirror by some sort of force, I tried going forward then pulling back, but I was only stuck worse. I could see my own arm up to my elbow now. I was crying, and when I tried to scream, I couldn't. I tried calling out for my parents, but my voice was too tired from the previous screaming I had done. Then, I froze, in pure shock and fear. I felt myself fall face forward into the mirror. I had tripped. I felt like two different people now. And what I could see was horrifying. I counted.. 45 different versions of what seemed to be me. I screamed again, and tried to run towards the mirror, but when I ran up to the mirror, I was back in my room? I didn't phase through, like the first time, I was just back. I ran from the mirror, because what I could see in it was terrifying. A Black room with Forty Five versions of me, each and every one of them staring me dead in the eye and copying every move I did in that cursed mirror. (still working on the rest :) )

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