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Pucca: Spooky Stories[]

There is just too much going on. Too many electric pulses were flowing into his brain nonstop, seemingly never-ending. The only noises filling the room were the wires sparking, the gears grinding, and the cries of pain. The room in particular was dark, cold and completely devoid of any life… or so one would assume. At first, no one would see the giant, menacing machine that hung from the ceiling, wires spread all over the walls and floor of the room. A single monitor was put outwards as the head of the wired abomination, with a seemingly innocent smile displayed on it.

However, just a few meters below the humongous monitor was the head of what used to be an innocent child. Half of his head was replaced with a mechanical endoskeleton to keep him well and alive, wires lodged into the back of his head to serve as both supporting it and to pump codes and data into his brain. You could say one has successfully made themselves an immortal machine, but this was not done by the poor boy himself. He was kidnapped by a mad doctor who planned to use the pain he experienced as a way to serve as power to life in the devoid city. The once peaceful village with nature in its beauty had now evolved into a giant city with countless buildings, roads and streets.

The machine that kept Garu alive was more of a curse than a blessing, causing him an endless amount of pain and torment. At this point, it would drive one into insanity, but what is there to do when you’re forced into a machine against your will with nothing but your head? Electric currents and bytes of data were flooding into his brain, causing him unimaginable suffering as he cried out. Tears fell from both his only natural eye as he screamed in agony, crying for help despite him never being heard from outside of the room.

When he wasn’t being used, he would just be looking around his dark room. Whenever the doctor would walk in to talk with him, his voice would be so bit-crushed and sore from screaming so much, no one except the doctor could tell what he was saying. Sometimes, he would have to beep out morse code in order to communicate. Even when he was never much of a talker, he felt the only way to cope was to do the one thing he vowed to shut out for who knows how long. Either way, he was nothing but a shadow of what he used to be—he was always scared and completely hopeless because of the doctor’s horrible treatment, not to mention the machine’s only desire to be fueled off of his pain to power the city.

His friends had forgotten him since he was kidnapped, with no clear reason as to how, and even had they accidentally found him would they just point and laugh at his situation. Not even Pucca considered him her special someone, and she had instead turned her love to Tobe. Garu was forever at his lowest, not knowing anything more but the feeling of endless pain and abandonment. He had no one but the machine to turn to as his only companion, even though it didn’t really understand how he felt. Though, oddly enough, the Pain Absorbing Machine would sometimes respond by playing a small tune to help Garu rest when he wasn’t needed. It was a nice gesture despite it being programmed to literally torture him, but he couldn’t find any other reason to hate it aside from that.

Note: "I'm unsure how to change the title to how I wanted it to be (It's CH1 of these stories I'm writing). If anybody could also suggest as to how to rename it, that would be much appreciated. Thank you!"

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HopelessNightOwl (talk) 07:25, 23 March 2024 (UTC)[]

So... it's just a machine that turned a kid into a cyborg for the sole purpose of torturing him to power the city somehow?

I don't think it's a very compelling premise, and it's certainly not well executed in this draft if it's possible to execute it well. Besides the shaky composition (syntax issues), there just isn't something worthy of being called a complete story here.