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Puppet-string Nicky[]

Tumblr post by: Witchybabe_ Date: 2018/11/01 Time: 10:27 AM] Hey Guy’s! This is going to be a weird post, but whatever. While most of my content here is art-based, something strange has been happening the last few days, and I have no clue how to feel about it. So, you all can help me decide if I’m losing my mind or not! So, a few days ago in class, my professor assigned us each a local missing person or homicide report. I was given one about a boy who disappeared 2000/11/07, and whose body was found two days later, partially eaten and ripped apart in the woods. His name is Nikolai “Nicky” Green, and he was only 16 years old when he was brutalized. But when I was skimming the internet for more information about Nicky, I came across a weird, early 2000’s looking website. It was titled Puppet-String Nicky. I clicked on it, not thinking much of it at first. When the page loaded, though, the first thing that popped up was 100+ photos. First, they started as some of the photos I saw of Nicky already, the one’s of him the months before his death. (Like there is one of them from Halloween with his girlfriend, he is in a hand sewn clown costume, with the classic clown makeup on his face, and she is in a Data from TNG costume.) but the more I scrolled the creepier the photos of him cam, going into 20 picture of his body the day they found it, bloody, torn apart, and partially tied up with thin metal marionette wires. At the very end of the scroll there were 3 photos, dated to a year after his death. The first two were incredibly blurry but I could just make out a figure of a teen boy, holding marionettes. The other one was very clear, though. It was a close-up picture of a ghostly white figure of a boy who looked almost exactly like Nicky. He was hanging upside down in a tree, his head tilted to the left. The boy or ‘Nicky’ (since it really did look like him) had a blood-stained hoodie and cargo pants on as well a black converse. The parts of his body which aren’t under clothes are covered in thin scars, like the cuts his body had when they found it. In his hands were two marionettes, classic clown looking ones. There were also the classic triangles under the eyes clown makeup, in bright neon blue. His hair and eyes were normal enough, short black messy hair and grey tired eyes, nothing creepy about them except how eerily similar they were to the actual Nicky. His mouth though, man, his mouth. Black goo dripped across his face from his mouth, and his teeth were all filed sharp, but the thing that creeped me out the most is that he has no tongue. None. Just a dark hole behind his teeth. After this horrifying image there was a small bit of text, claiming to be a way for someone to ‘summon’ Nicky’s spirit. It's pretty basic, cliché, but I don’t know. This entire thing is freaking me out. Should I try to summon him? I doubt it’ll work but still, I need to find the reason behind that photo. It's haunting me. Any advice would be great.

[Tumblr post by: Witchybabe_ Reblogged by: Witchybabe_ Date: 2018/11/03 Time: 11:08 AM] Hey guys! I think I owe you a few explanations before I get on with this update. 1: I don’t know any of Nicky’s family personally. 2: Yes, the pictures of Nicky when he was alive were real, they were the ones sent out by his girlfriend when they were looking for him. And 3: I know I wasn’t specific on how he died, and I probably shouldn’t have just thrown in tidbits of information by casually mentioning cannibalism and such. I’m not even sure why I didn’t tell you in the first place. I guess maybe out of respect for him? Not sure. So, anyway, here is the basic story of how he died. (This will be copying a lot of the police reports, fyi.) On the 7th of November 16-year-old Nikolai Green was staying at his girlfriend's as he often did. His girlfriend, Lucy Hunter, reports leaving him alone in her room as she took a shower, and when she stepped out seeing a text from him on her phone informing her that he heard a puppet show was going on downtown and that he’d be back in an hour. Though, of course, he never returned. According to the police files, Nicky was reported missing 12 hours later when Lucy called in because both her and the rest of his friends were concerned that they hadn’t heard from him since he left. The file notes his parents never reported anything and didn’t appear to care whatsoever about their son's disappearance, being more concerned about the possible cost of a funeral before his body was even discovered. Sadly, Nicky was found at 8 am on the 9th of that month by a dog walker. His body was lying on the ground, half tied up in metal string which cut deep into him covering his face and the rest of his body in deep thin cuts. His autopsy report found his tongue, liver, heart, lungs, and Achilles tendons had been removed with a knife. While bits and pieces of his skin had been clawed off him. The corpse also appeared to have been violated in other ways. It took the police 4 years to find his killer, the puppeteer of the puppet show Nicky went to see. His name was Ryan Hardy, he was 47 when they found him, he was convicted of murder, cannibalism, rape, and kidnapping. He had been accused of killing, eating, and assaulting 22 young boys and girls, Nicky being the eldest. He was sentenced to death 3 months after his arrest. Anyway, I’ll keep the rest of this brief. From the overwhelming support in the comments, I’ll try to ‘summon’ Nicky on the 9th. Though as I said in the comments, I am not a one of those idiots who believe in the paranormal or any of that shit. But still... that photo haunts me. I see it every time I close my eyes. Maybe proving it to myself that it's not real. So, I can finally get some rest.

[Tumblr post by: Witchybabe_ Reblogged by: Witchybabe_ Date: 2018/11/10 Time: 12:13 AM] Oh shit. Guys, I’m beginning to rethink everything. This shit might be real, and I might die.

[Tumblr post by: Witchybabe_   Reblogged by: Witchybabe_  Date: 2018/11/10  Time: 2:33 AM]

OK, so I didn’t die but here’s what happened. First off, I want to say before doing the summoning I didn’t take any drugs or drink whatsoever, and I was completely well rested. Frankly, though, I wish I was high since it would give me at least some explanation of what I saw a few hours ago. I should note I will not tell the means of the summoning since I do not want anyone to repeat my mistake. Once I finished the ritual steps nothing seemed to happen at first. It was just silent and let me tell you that silence was fucking terrifying, man! I wanted so desperately to run away from there the second I finished. I don’t know why I didn’t. I wish I did. I was so fucking stupid not to! Just when I was about to give in and leave, I heard this soft sound of bells behind me, I turned around quickly, ready to curse out whatever smartass kid decided to prank me. But man, that confidence left me fast. In the tree behind me, sitting on the lowest branch, swinging his legs cheerfully was Nicky. He looked exactly like how he did in the photo; I swear to the lord above! He smiled at me first, it was a relatively friendly smile despite the sharpened teeth and the black goo oozing out from between them. I turned immediately and ran, didn’t dare look back. I might be going crazy. But I swear that was real. He had to be real.

[Tumblr post by: Witchybabe_ Reblogged by: Witchybabe_ Date: 2018/11/14 Time: 4:00 AM] I haven’t been able to sleep the last few days. Nicky won’t let me sleep. Anytime I try to sleep he comes to me in my dream. He can talk in my dreams. His voice is hoarse and angry. He accuses me of ‘hurting the children’ whatever that means? He screams it at me repeatedly, and any time I tell him I haven’t he just calls me a liar before forcing me to wake up. I can’t take this anymore. I hear those damn bells everywhere and I swear Nicky is watching me all the time. I see him looking over my shoulder in the mirror, next to my professors in class, and out my window at night. He’s everywhere, and he hates me. He wants me dead; I know it.

[Tumblr post by: Witchybabe_ Reblogged by: Witchybabe_ Date: 2018/11/15 Time: 11:48 PM] Ok, so today Nicky showed me something... horrifying. I was trying to sleep. I had another dream of course, but this one was different. I was in this tool shed, sitting on a stool in the corner. I recognized it as my father's shed from when I was growing up, I saw a young, 4-year-old me run through the shed laughing, chasing my older brother Thomas. That’s when Nicky appeared, he smiled fondly at the kid version of me and my brother, sitting next to them watching them play. The dream then switched. We were in a different shed, this one full of freezers, hunting tools, puppets and bodies. I watch what I now know to be Nicky's final memory play out. He was standing next to me gripping my shoulder as I watched the other him, the memory one, sitting, shaking in the corner, his arms bound with wire which cuts into his wrists deeply. He was crying silently. The door of the shed opened with a loud thud causing both Nicky’s to flinch violently. His murderer, Ryan, walks into the shed, picking up a sharpened butcher's knife before approaching memory Nicky, brutally torturing before finally killing him. I could feel the other Nicky shaking behind me, when I turned to look at him, I immediately looked away, the black goo was coming out of his eyes, like he was crying. When I woke up, my shoulder was bleeding in the exact spot where Nicky gripped it in the dream. Even scarier than that, on my bed was a puppet which looked exactly like me, only there were X’s where my eyes were supposed to be, and a little noose around the puppet’s neck. He wants me dead, and I know he’ll kill me, I just don’t know when.

[Tumblr post by: Witchybabe_ Reblogged by: Witchybabe_ Date: 2018/11/20 Time: 4:53 PM] He is in my dorm. He wants me to come with him.

[Tumblr post by: Witchybabe_ Reblogged by: TheHeteros_hateME Date: 2018/11/27 Time: 11:03 PM] Hi to all the Tumblr users following the ‘Puppet-string Nicky’ events. I hate to say it, but it appears that our friend Witchybabe_ won’t be posting anymore. I found an article this morning which seems to be about her. I’ll post it under here but for those who don’t want to read the article here’s an excerpt. On November 21st, 2018, Mina Ryder, a 24-year-old university student has been found dead. Her death has been deemed a suicide, after she was found hanging from a tree in the middle of the woods outside of Orono Maine. The tree was the sight of another unfortunate death a few years ago when a young boy, named Nikolai Green was found there after being kidnapped and murdered almost 20 years before. Mina’s friends at school have stated that she had been acting weird for a bit now, talking constantly about being watched and that ‘he’ was following her. No one can say for sure who the ‘he’ was that she referred to was, though. I guess this proves the doubters wrong? It's terrible it ended this way though, send prayers for Mina’s spirit to rest well. And pray Nicky will go back to hell or wherever she summoned him from.

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