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Purring In My Screams Draft[]

Abby Cyprus was a 19 year old girl. She lived in a medium-sized apartment accompanied by her pets, a white and grey long-haired dog named Snowflake, a  soft, medium-furred cat named Echo who was solid black, and her yellowish snake named Sunset. Here we have one of few pieces of evidence left for her case.


January 4th

I  got on one of my various chatting apps. I do need new leashes and collars for Snowflake and Echo. Along with that, I think I need some new decorations for Sunset’s enclosure. I’ll ask for any new stores.

Hey, any new online pet shops? I’m trying new brands. I texted. Oh, someone was responding!

Yes, actually. I found one after scrolling for a bit. It’s Russian but my browser can’t translate some of it. I think it’s called Simple name, I know.” I saw.

Well, I know some russian. Maybe this would work! I booted up my computer and start typing Oh, here! Only one result. Obvious, honestly. I clicked and it led to a website in Russian. I quickly translated it to English, thank goodness for its translation abilities! Wait, some is still in Russian? I left Russia when I was 3, I can’t read this..ugh. Probably isn’t important. Here, only two buttons..home and shop. I’ll click shop…oh. Nice! Lots of different colored and shaped leashes, collars, anything imaginable. Hm, what’s this? I think it’s the brand name in Russian. Here, I’ll buy it.


Good, bought!

January 11th

Hey diary.

Today the leash arrived! I think the collars are on delay, though. I sat for a while staring at the writing on the leash which I had earlier assumed to be a brand name. It didn’t start with ‘p’, that’s for sure. It’s kind of unsettling, honestly. Well, I have to put it on Snowflake. I don’t have any other leashes, Echo tore Snowflake’s old one.

Snowflake didn’t like the leash, but she’s like that with every new one. She really hates this one, I had to force it on for her walk. Is it just me, or did someone glare at us every now and then? Anyways, I gotta go. Bye diary!

January 16th

Okay. I’ve been trying to translate the leash all day. All I can get is ‘War’, but there’s a longer word there. Snowflake hates the leash still. She usually is used to the new leash by now. Is this brand using a different material? And, Echo was rather drowsy today. She’s had these days, but why at this time? She’s always up and running in the first few months of the year. Look, I have a reservation at this new restaurant and I can’t miss it, so I gotta go.

January 19th

The house smells weird, and the collar still hasn’t arrived. Ooh! I have an email Well, I gotta click it. Here, it says ‘Collars are out of stock. Please order something else instead.’…oh. That’s why. I don’t need anything else though. I’m going to a movie with my friend now. Bye-bye diary!!

January 21

Okay, something is really wrong. The house smells like dying animals, and my pets are healthy as horses..except for Echo. I don’t know why or how, but Echo finds it hard to walk. It’s weird, I know. I’m glad I found that website though, it had a very good leash! The red leash I bought is still in mint condition. Its kinda weird…

February 1st.

Okay, it’s been a bit since I’ve written so let me fill you in. Echo officially can’t walk, and the vet doesn’t know why. Echo is only 3 years old, that’s young! Sunset died of, well, old age. Snowflake has been acting aggressive lately. The house has a horrendous smell that I can’t put my finger on. Also, I’m invited to a café with my friends! I have GOT to go.

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